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Bowl Pick It Standings: Quick Hit Edition

It was Bowl Season kick off over the weekend but it was hard to tell from all of the NFL action going on.  That’s okay as we already are kicking up points for the Bowl Pick It and Stick series.  We only have 3 games on the dockett so we’ll make this one short.  Look for actual team picks on succeeding Mondays but for now, here’s where everyone stands.  I Miss Manhattan has the confidence behind him and the lead at 12.  Everyone else is within striking distance of each other.   Some people forgot picks but if you were gonna do it, last weekend was the time to do so.  We have a long ways to go and we’re just getting started.  Here’s the standings:

Pick Set
Correct Picks
Possible Points
1 I Miss Manhattan 1 of 3 12 12
2 I Am The Man 1 of 3 3 3
3 U wish u were as good as ME 1 of 3 2 2
3 Purple Yeti 1 of 3 2 2
5 Where’s KU? They were 5-0 1 of 3 1 1
5 Picky McPikertons 1 of 3 1 1
7 Giggety 0 of 3 0 0
7 Krizzou 0 of 3 0 0