Pick It and Stick It 2012: Sign Up and Get Sticky

Who boy it’s that time of year again.  Yup, I’m postponing filming the ole podcast to crap out this info fast and furious.  College football season is less than a week and a half away and to be honest I haven’t done a thing.  So first things first, time to sign up for Pick It and Stick It.  Yes, it’s back again, but this time I’m keeping the chatter on Yahoo!  It doesn’t make sense for me to regurgitate stuff back from the fantasy league.  But all is not lost.

I’ll more than likely still go over some spreads and picks to make sense of the whole league.  What can I say?  Weekend game previews are the thing now and I’m not letting go that easily.  Before any of that grand decision making and predicting, do you and your friends a favor and sign up then spread the word.  Trust me, it’s going to be an awesome year and an even better Pick It and Stick It league.  Here’s the info:


Group ID#: 6129
Group Password thekids