GameDay: More Like ShameDay

Okay so I don’t know how to put what happened in the last week into words.  I was trying to figure out what to say but nothing is really coming to mind.  I just want to watch some football.  The last couple of years, there’s been more and more hype about stuff off the field that it is now overshadowing what I love on the field.  I’m not sure we can go back.  College football has changed.

I don’t know who or what is at fault, but it’s completely different now.  Now the emphasis is on to win at all costs and not win with class.  Cheating before was paying for some meals, now it’s for things like abortions.  Universities are willing cover terrible, terrible things to keep the winning ways alive.  It’s not what I like.

The scary thing to think is what if this has been happening a long time ago, but it’s harder to cover things up? Maybe there’s skeletons in a lot of famous college football’s closets.  Who knows.  Today it’s harder to do bad things and at least it’s coming to light and being handled properly.  Maybe then we can get back to watching football.

Chasing money has also made watching college football different.  100 year old rivalries are going away because of money.  What was good natured ribbing and Monday morning bragging has become way too flimsy.  Rivals would rather burn down the other place than win on the field.  So when the money comes around to do that, rivals blow each other up.  That sucks.

There’s change still going on.  It will get uglier I’m sure.  Until then, I guess we just have to weather this bad storm.  Once things begin to calm down maybe, just maybe, we can get back to celebrating college football.  I most certainly don’t want it to turn into the kind of business the NFL is in.  That’s saved for Sundays.  Let’s keep college football unique.