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Pick It And Stick It: Let’s Get Ready TOOOO


Okay I can’t quote that exactly but I think you get the point.  This week we go from the backswing of the season to the full on, follow through punch to knock ourselves into the College Football Playoff.  Teams are teetering and are starting to fall (Ole Miss).  This weekend others will fall as room for error is no more.  We will find out who’s Rocky and who’s a tomata.  Ding. Ding.

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GameDay: Staying Fit For Watching It

From week to week, you see me talk about the delicious food pairings at every barspot.   I go over what I think is the sports bar’s best food dish, appetizer or not, and then wash it down with a beer that compliments it in flavor.  Now, that usually isn’t the only barley pop I take in while I’m spectating.  Those of you who come out to the barspots know that I can also be fairly animated while watching, especially Kansas State.  So, how do I stay active during the games and still keep my purple yeti-ish figure?  I work out.  Hard.  But there’s a weird pattern that formed over the last couple of weeks.

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