GameDay: Staying Fit For Watching It

From week to week, you see me talk about the delicious food pairings at every barspot.   I go over what I think is the sports bar’s best food dish, appetizer or not, and then wash it down with a beer that compliments it in flavor.  Now, that usually isn’t the only barley pop I take in while I’m spectating.  Those of you who come out to the barspots know that I can also be fairly animated while watching, especially Kansas State.  So, how do I stay active during the games and still keep my purple yeti-ish figure?  I work out.  Hard.  But there’s a weird pattern that formed over the last couple of weeks.

I tend to fill my schedule up with anything and everything that I like to do.  That usually means that I will a very short window for working out.  So what I’ve been doing is working out Saturday mornings at my local apartment gym.  Usually, I can fill in about 2 hours worth of stretching, lifting, and elliptical treadmill work.  That’s the perfect amount of time to get geared up for the day by watching ESPN College GameDay while I workout.  So I’ve been getting up earlier than usual on weekends and busting a sweat.

What I’ve noticed, especially for 2:30pm games that I barpsot, is that I come home and wipe out on the couch.  I try to watch the big game on the broadcast antenna, but I always crash hard.  Now it could be the delicious food and barley pops from earlier in the day or it could be the early morning workout that sees me napping around the same time every week.  Heck it’s probably a combination of both.  Granted, the games so far in the evening have been blowouts.   The next step in ultimate football watching has got to have me withstand that physical exhaustion.

Well I guess you can recommend that I just sleep in and not workout.  But that’s not really an option.  I’m not going to waste your time about why you should stay physically fit.  It seems pretty obvious.  But that combination of lifting and cardio has its benefits at your favorite barspots.  Weight lifting improves your beer to mouth time while drinking pints with big mugs.  The cardio improves the number of times that you can jump up and down in the bar while yelling at the big screen.  I mean you don’t want to end up being the grizzled old fat guy at the end of the bar wheezing his way through another beer, do ya?

So the workouts will stay.  Like I mentioned earlier, there has to be a way to keep the energy going after the games.  Perhaps I need to lay low on the starchy bar food and focus on their salad selections?  It’s a reach, but beside 5 hour energy drink or Red Bull, I’m at a loss for what to do.  Who knows?  Maybe in a couple of weeks, my body will catch up and I will be tougher all around for Saturdays.  If  you have any suggestions, drop a comment down below.  In the meantime, I’m gonna focus on this post nap second wind.