Pick It and Stick It 2011 Week 05: Time To Play For Real

Conference play kind of opened up last weekend for the Big 12, but this weekend we have a couple of head to head match ups.  I don’t know which game will be more exciting, the Texas vs Iowa State or Kansas State vs Baylor.  The obvious is the Kansas State game but if you remember last year, Iowa State went down to Austin and beat the Longhorns.  The local media around here is chirping about how it’s a revenge game but the player interviews talk about how they expect to handle Iowa State easily.  We’ll find that out Saturday as well as just how real Kansas State’s defense really is.  Here’s this week’s Pick It and Stick It:

Underdog Spread Status (CDT)
@Syracuse vs Rutgers 1.0 Sat 10/01 11:00am
Texas Tech vs @Kansas 6.5 Sat 10/01 11:00am
@(24)Illinois vs Northwestern 8.0 Sat 10/01 11:00am
@(19)Michigan vs Minnesota 20.0 Sat 10/01 11:00am
@Georgia vs Mississippi St. 7.0 Sat 10/01 11:00am
(14)Texas A&M vs @(18)Arkansas 3.0 Sat 10/01 11:00am
@Navy vs Air Force 3.0 Sat 10/01 11:00am
@(1)LSU vs Kentucky 30.0 Sat 10/01 11:20am
@(4)Boise St. vs Nevada 27.5 Sat 10/01 01:30pm
@N.C. State vs (21)Georgia Tech Off (0) Sat 10/01 02:30pm
@(22)West Virginia vs Bowling Green 20.0 Sat 10/01 02:30pm
@Colorado vs Washington St. 3.0 Sat 10/01 02:30pm
(15)Baylor vs @Kansas St. 3.5 Sat 10/01 02:30pm
@Ohio St. vs Michigan St. 3.0 Sat 10/01 02:30pm
@USC vs Arizona 13.5 Sat 10/01 02:30pm
@(10)South Carolina vs Auburn 10.0 Sat 10/01 02:30pm
@(20)TCU vs SMU 13.0 Sat 10/01 02:30pm
@(11)Virginia Tech vs (13)Clemson 7.0 Sat 10/01 05:00pm
(17)Texas vs @Iowa St. 9.5 Sat 10/01 06:00pm
@(2)Oklahoma vs Ball St. 37.5 Sat 10/01 06:00pm
@Utah vs Washington 7.5 Sat 10/01 06:00pm
Notre Dame vs @Purdue 12.0 Sat 10/01 07:00pm
@(7)Wisconsin vs (8)Nebraska 9.5 Sat 10/01 07:00pm
(3)Alabama vs @(12)Florida 4.0 Sat 10/01 07:00pm
North Carolina vs @East Carolina 6.5 Sat 10/01 07:00pm
@Fresno St. vs Mississippi 3.5 Sat 10/01 08:15pm
@(25)Arizona St. vs Oregon St. 18.0 Sat 10/01 09:30pm
@(6)Stanford vs UCLA 20.5 Sat 10/01 09:30pm

It’s not just conference play for the Big 12, yeah I glossed over Texas Tech vs Kansas and Oklahoma going Ball State, we’re seeing it all over the college football landscape.  That 9.5 point spread might be a little high for Wisconsin.  It’s the first time in a long time these two teams have met, but Nebraska is tough this year.  Maybe it’s the Camp Randall rub.  In a game so close that no one cares about, Syracuse has the 1.0 point favor over Rutgers.  Bor-ring!  The big blowouts see Standford rolling UCLA at 20.5 and Michigan handling Minnesota while West Virginia takes out theri frustration on Bowling Green with both games at 20.0 points.  The biggest one however, is Oklahoma’s favor at 37.5.  Yup the Big 12 is better in all categories.