GameDay: BBQ Break Means I Tell You How I Barspot

The marathon of the season continues and today is a break for me.  I need to remember how much work I do on Saturday besides watching college football.  So I’m usually good for a week where I almost take break off.  True, I’ve done BBQs before during the season, but usually I hit up a barspot beforehand.  The way things fell schedule wise this weekend meant that there is no barspot to be had.

Typically for a barspot, I pack a bag of techno gadgets and get to the bar before my game a good 1/2 hour to hour beforehand.  This year’s supply includes a camera, a handheld video camera, an ultrathin latpop, writing utensils, paper, chargers, and my super duper smart phone.  It seems like alot but it packs well.  Most sports bars have wireless internet so I can get away with surfing for scores while I’m there.

The awkward part of the whole day is taking pictures.  I don’t let the sports bars know, outside of this blog, that I’m heading their way.  So when I stroll in there and snap photos, people tend to stare.  It’s especially awkward when it’s practically just me in the bar.  Usually I can get away with it and I’ve yet to have anybody complain about my touristy tactic.

I mentioned the laptop and it’s helped way beyond my expectations.  Even without wireless, I can knock out half my review by half time.  If there is internet, then I can hop online and tweet on top of surfing, that’s @kccgd for initiated.  The load for Sunday/Monday cuts in half because of that.  If things get really boring, I can also just do other things like checking up on my other favorite blogs.

But the games are there and they are usually good.  That’s why this week will feel different.  I won’t have the same multi television setup, but I’ll be bringing the laptop to stream online if I have too.  There’s at most two great games going on at the same time, but I wouldn’t guarantee that I’ll be able to watch much of it.  At least I hope I can watch some of it.  If so, check back Monday for my blithering about and get saddled up for a big barspot return.