Pick It n’ Stick It: The Smack Talk is Heavy This Week

Here are this week’s picks. Once again it’s by the spread finalized on Wednesday of this week. We pushed last week so hopefully this week we’ll have a clear winner. I’ve already received plenty of emails this week about the rivalry, so maybe wearing the other teams colors would be a good choice for the loser. Once again, post comments to let us know.

Favorite Wed Underdog Krizzou Purple Yeti
(7) BOSTON COLL. 20.0 Bowling Green (7) BOSTON COLL. (7) BOSTON COLL.
(24) KANSAS ST. 3.0 Kansas (24) KANSAS ST. (24) KANSAS ST.
ILLINOIS 2.5 (5) Wisconsin (5) Wisconsin (5) Wisconsin
TENNESSEE 1.5 (12) Georgia TENNESSEE (12) Georgia
(10) Oklahoma 11.0 (19) TEXAS (10) Oklahoma (19) TEXAS
FLORIDA ATLANTIC Off (0) (6) South Florida (6) South Florida (6) South Florida
(18) Arizona St. 9.0 WASHINGTON ST. (18) Arizona St. (18) Arizona St.
(22) CLEMSON 5.5 (15) Virginia Tech (15) Virginia Tech (15) Virginia Tech
(2) USC 39.5 Stanford Stanford Stanford
(4) Ohio St. 7.0 (23) PURDUE (4) Ohio St. (4) Ohio St.
(1) LSU 9.0 (9) Florida (9) Florida (1) LSU
(21) RUTGERS 3.5 (20) Cincinnati (21) RUTGERS (21) RUTGERS
(17) MISSOURI 7.0 (25) Nebraska (17) MISSOURI (17) MISSOURI
(16) HAWAII 39.0 Utah St. (16) HAWAII (16) HAWAII

Home teams are in bold. The list of picks are a little week this weak. Since we are slaves to the Yahoo Pick ’em, we are stuck with 15 picks for this week. Of course, it didn’t help that two top 25 ranked teams played last night (Go Cocks!).

Update: Thanks to using the spread, Krizzou wins this week!  For the season, that puts Krizzou at 2 wins with one week that pushed.  Please post below a somewhat reasonable thing the Purple Yeti must do at the next outing. 

  • Claydawg

    Your “Bold” is kind of week, or I mean weak.

    Of course Boomer Krizzouner picked the Sooners. Hokey, she may be right on that one.

    I like the fact you both think something of Syracuse, don’t expect a cover there.

    Clemson will handle V-tech, Stanford might score and might cover, Cincinatti will beat Rutgers straight up, and Bill Callahan is god.

    I didn’t say Nebraska will win, but he really is god.

    Otherwise your picks are not too shabby.

    Good luck Tigers, you will need it. Jayhawks, no chance.

  • krizzou

    Well, it appears I won again. Since you never paid up for the first pick I won, you owe me a drink, and whatever is asked of you for this win….

  • Can the drink come in the form of a walrus? People in know should agree!

    Who does the asking? Will I need to bring kneepads?