I Look Fabulous in Purple; Otherwise, I would SO Not Where It

If it wasn’t for a pre-planned outing with a few women who insist on complaining about work and berating their “friends” (one reason krizzou prefers the men-folk), last Saturday could’ve been a stress-free day for me.  It was of course Missouri’s bye week, so I didn’t have to sweat over Pinkel’s inexplicable play-calling.  (Seriously, it’s a good thing the guy can recruit.)  Instead, I spent late morning/afternoon in an unruly sea of purple at the infamous Rusty’s Last Chance in Shawnee Mission.  

I must say, the local Missouri fans (minus the Columbia tailgaters) could learn something from the Cat Backers.  The place was packed with fans 3 hours before game time, all with high spirits and positive attitudes.  Even, the servers sported KSU apparel and fake purple tattoos.  Except for our tiny, young server, who wore a black t-shirt and had the ever-popular “mommy” tattoo on her wrist.  She claimed to be a “normal” girl; thus, she didn’t know about the football line-up for the day.  I considered taking offense to the comment, but realized I was more concerned with getting some grub and hearing the drink specials. 

Besides my family tailgates, I have not yet found a gameday drink special that I’m satisfied with.  Rusty’s special was $3 16 oz cans of domestic beer.  Really, that’s not a great deal, and drinking out of cans seems so chintzy unless you are shotgunning or drinking yard beer.  For my gameday lunch, I chose a bleu cheese bacon burger with curly fries.  I was really impressed with the enormous pile of fries, which happened to soak up just the right amount of grease… I mean soggy and delicious.  The burger, on the other hand was too well done and rather tastless, but the bacon and bleu cheese on the burger made it worth it.  If I could’ve had a little pink in my burger, it might’ve been the perfect meal. 


Enough about food, and after reading Yeti’s blog, really there isn’t much to say about the game either.  Yes, K-State won big time.  Kudos to the Cats!  Although I’m not a UT fan, and I want the North to do well, a big part of me secretly wanted the Longhorns to win in order to help Missouri’s standing in the North.  I was excited about the Oklahoma defeat though.  Well, I guess that means Missouri will just have to keep winning in the highly competetive conference that is the Big XII (that’s not sarcasm), and specifically the Big XII North.  That’s right; at the beginning of the season I heard so much commentary on how awful the North is.  One review said that 5 teams in the South could win the North.  Well, guess who has 3 teams in the AP Top 25 and guess who has 2….  Of course, it’s still early in the season and so much can happen.  I just hope we’re not seeing a Big XII Championship game with KU (blech).  Really, let’s keep the sunflower state out all together. Despite it’s misleading name and pretty appearance, the sunflower is a noxious weed.  In case you’re wondering, “Claydawg’s” recent comment successfully irritated me, and I intend on retaliating, or perhaps I’ll just leave it up to the Tigers on November 17.