Barspotting: No, Harpo’s Is Not Owned By Oprah

Out in front of Harpo's

When: Saturday, October 6th, 2007

Where: Harpo’s, 4109 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO 64111

Time: Maybe 7pm, not sure the Purple Yeti will actually make it. Going over to a friend’s house for the KU vs. K-State game. Krizzou’s looking for pig butt in Columbia.


  • 11:00 AM Kansas at #24 Kansas St
  • 2:30 PM #19 Texas vs. #10 Oklahoma (Dallas, TX)
  • 5:00 PM #15 Virginia Tech at #22 Clemson
  • 7:00 PM #9 Florida at #1 LSU
  • 7:00 PM #20 Cincinatti at #21 Rutgers
  • 7:00 PM #4 Ohio St at #23 Purdue
  • 8:15 PM #21 Nebraska at #17 Missouri

Notes: Hapro’s is a pretty hopping place at night when the beautiful people are out. They have a huge patio and some live music but did you know that they actually show some sports? The Purple Yeti may make an appearance. At the very least, I’ll leave a footprint for plaster casing.