I Went Down to the Crossroads, Fell Down on My Knees

Pulling into Westport, I couldn’t help but wonder what else could happen while on KCCGD assignment. The sting of day’s events so far revealed itself in broken pieces on my bumper leftover from some dingus backing into my car at 7 Eleven. That little reminder laughed at me as I walked by it while I made my way toward the barspot. Kansas State football hit the crossroads earlier today and took a wrong turn. But I was at Westport and not in Crossroads district. And this was Harpo’s.

Harpo’s is a Westport mainstay and supports many different disciplines in the art bar-durgery. There is space for live music, patio gatherings, party gatherings, and of course sports. For some reason, it is also a watch party spot for Missouri football. There are 2 big screens, one upstairs and one downstairs as well as a sprinkle of small TVs around the bar area inside. Sport-wise, they could use an upgrayedd. The extra ‘d’ is for a double dose of high definition television.


The service and games there are in no need of such idiocracy. I didn’t have any food, but I was eyeballin’ the popcorn bin. Too bad there were no season shakers. What did shake me, however, was the cute waitress working the bar there. I think it was the camo capri pants that did me in, only because it’s cool to say camo capri. And as for the use of camouflage, the Buck Hunter II game provided about 1 minute of joy. I wish I would’ve played the other games there including: The basketball toss, the football toss, golden tee, and various touch screen games. Silverstrike bowling needed its ball buffed as the screen was blank and I think broke.

The crowd Harpo’s was unusually split. I walked in there expecting some major Mizzou lovin’ like at the KCCGD opener but what I got was some black, gold, red, and white all mixed together. There was even competing ‘Go Big Red’ and ‘M-I-Z-Z-O-U’ chants (I will ignore the Pitt State and Northwest Missouri State chants). I was beginning to think as the night went on that there were more Nebraska fans. Although the douche bag, fancy pant wearing, belligerent Nebraska fans behind me may have influenced me.

Wasn’t this place a Missouri bar? What gives? I’m beginning to believe Krizzou when she says there is no bar that Missouri fans can go to enjoy the same kind of spirit that K-State fans get at Rusty’s or the kind that even Iowa fans get at The Other Place. So I’m calling out you Missouri fans. It looks as if it’s your year, so get out there and actually congregate at a bar and cheer and do fight song dances and drink and be real fans. Your team is showing up. It’s time for you to.

K-State forgot to show up for its game. The hype leading in was that KU played cupcakes and K-State should take its momentum from the Texas game and edge out the Jayhawks. What we got was an almost exact repeat from last year. Freeman was way too excited, we couldn’t really stop the run, and we dished out many turnovers. Hats off to KU, though. They’re offense is for real and they can hang a quality win up. Even though they had two weeks to prepare. I think I’ll just watch Jordy over and over to make things better.

The marquee matchup was Nebraska at Missouri. The only kind of passion that Nebraska ended up showing was more from the popped collar wienies at Harpo’s then the Huskers on the field. Nebraska was just plain overmatched. They couldn’t make up for any aspect of the game. Missouri’s offense is what they say they are. What shocked me was the Defense putting it to Sam Keller. Total rout. Although I do have to question the fake field goal at the end, but hey that might have helped place the Tigers at #11 this week.

What a wreck of a day. Congratulations Missouri and Kansas for being ranked (#11 and #20 respectively) and being the only two teams undefeated in the Big 12. It was easy to say this Yeti had the blues (BLECH). Harpo’s really was more of a regular bar than a sports bar, so I closed out the night at Blayney’s to drown the sorrow. It cheered me up a bunch and the Hipnotics covering Cream’s version of Crossroads ironically capped the day nicely. Better luck next year Wildcats, and yes will be looking for revenge on the basketball court in a couple of months.

  • Rittiger

    Harpo’s IS a Missouri bar – however, Kansas City’s proximity to Kansass, Nebraska and Iowa make it more difficult to totally dominate any one place. Let’s face it – coming to Missouri to drink and watch sports is a vacation for you all and believe me, it isn’t the other way around for us going to our surrounding states. Another reason Harpo’s was not jammed packed with Mizzou fans was that we were all at the game, baby. Not only did it set an attendance record and most of the people there were wearing black and gold (no kidding) but our tailgating lots were overflowing with libations, delicatible morsels, and almost obnoxious Tiger fans! See, we know how to tailgate in Missouri – it is, wait for it, LEGENDARY! So, I apologize if we actually attend games instead of watching them on TV in some of KC’s finest establishment. Although we may not seem overly loyal or overly excited about being #11 (we have been Pinkelized before), we will be at the games or at the very least, in the parking lot cheering the Tigers on. And truly, our roots run deep when it comes to Mizzou.

    Oh, and Truman would put the smack down on Little Willie or any other mascot. He actually is a National Champion Mascot of ginourmous proportions.

  • krizzou

    No, no, no…! It’s LEGEN… wait for it… DARY!!! But seriously, even though the fans came in droves to Columbia Saturday, the Missouri fans do not congregate well for watch parties. I will test this again for the OU game, and will hope for more. I believe it’s due to the abundance of great Missouri bars, and because our current KC Alum Chapter President is not doing his due diligence to rally the troops. Additionally, until we lose, I’m not going to claim Pinkelization. I support Mizzou athletics and past, present or even future inexplicable play calling is not going to demoralize me; not when we’re still winning, baby! Go Tigers!

  • Well, hopefully we can see about the KC area again this week at the next barspotting joint when they play OU this week. Especially since the fans travel well on road games. If you do go down there, get red dirt.

    As for tailgating, it sounds real good but I have yet to be outmatched from the KSU one I was a part of at the Big 12 championship. That was off the HOOK. Who knows, maybe you will be doing that at this year’s Big 12 championship. You have to get through KSU first as their season is not yet over. I’m rooting on you guys at Arrowhead and praying that they put the choke job on Baylor again this week. Go Cats over Buffs!

  • Rittiger

    Yeah, I knew it was Legen, wait for it, dary – I was trying to make it more Missouri than New York because seriously, who likes New York?!