Sunflower Showdown 08: From Fuzzy to Sharp to Fuzzy to OUT

There were plenty of games still going on while the Yeti recovered.  In and out of napping, we witnessed Oklahoma State roll Iowa State.  The other Oklahoma rolled Nebraska big time.  In the game nobody cared about Texas A&M beat Colorado by a touchdown.  Mizzou apparently almost fell into the bear trap as Baylor made the Tigers earn it with a late game field goal for the win.  Too bad that wasn’t on TV.

What was on TV and miraculously the Yeti was up and awake for was Number 1 Texas taking on Number 7 Texas Tech.  Tech was up big at the end of the half 22-6.  We watched Colt McCoy toss an interception to keep his completion percentage up, although it was a pick six for the other team.  Needless to say Colt wasn’t phased and dropped a two bombs to Michael Williams to narrow it down to 26-29.  After a Tech field goal, the Longhorns drove down and scored for the lead 33-32.  What happened after that was magic.   Graham Harrell tossed a laser to Micheal Crabtree and Crabtree willed his way to the endzone with 1 second left for the instant classic victory 39-33.  Crabtree later said he dreamed the whole play.

His dream matched our foggy fuzz for the day.   The KCCGD crew had a fantastic day and the libations helped make it go by ultra smooth, at least for the middle part.  The road trip was fun and completely worth it,  all thanks to the Yeti’s lady.  The football was not too great, but the food and entertainment fully made up for it.  Luckily through haze, we were witness to another classic football game from the Big 12 South.  We’re still recovering here but the haze from the weekend finally lifted.