KC College GameDay LiveBlog 2013 Week 08: In And Out


Yup, Kansas State is not playing so I will be in and out for the day.  Never fear, however, as I’ll probably watch some tasty ACC matchups tonight with Florida State heading to Clemson.  Chances are I’ll be flipping to USC and Notre Dame too.  The Big 12 and yes, Missouri, are already going so I’ll be throwing my two cents in when I can.  Well, I’ll be throwing in my double doubles when I can that is.

purpleyeti October 19, 201310:29 pm

Alright. The night is over. Clemson can’t hang on the big stage. Good night nurse.

purpleyeti October 19, 201310:20 pm

Yup Notre Dame won. Whooo Hoo. But man Clemson is redefining the term Clemsoning

purpleyeti October 19, 201310:19 pm

I haven’t really watched Florida State and Clemson because it’s blowout city. Now Notre Dame and USC……

purpleyeti October 19, 20138:09 pm

Well maybe now Clemson has calmed down a bit. They finally answered to Florida State and are down 7-17

purpleyeti October 19, 20137:41 pm

Commence waffle coma

purpleyeti October 19, 20137:31 pm

In between this baked potato waffle coma, I just witnessed Florida State quiet the Clemson crowd early

purpleyeti October 19, 20136:49 pm

Meanwhile, these potato waffles are going to be da bomb!

purpleyeti October 19, 20136:48 pm

But they got stopped on 4th and Goal

purpleyeti October 19, 20136:48 pm

Notre Dame is trying to look good for me in front of USC

purpleyeti October 19, 20136:48 pm

Texas A&M choked, that made me happy

purpleyeti October 19, 20134:50 pm

Meanwhile Kansas had a shot and then they realized they were Kansas

purpleyeti October 19, 20134:50 pm

TCU almost had a shot there but they ended up looking like Kansas State

purpleyeti October 19, 20134:50 pm

Welp back from a haircut and the big boys in the SEC go down, MIZ?

purpleyeti October 19, 201312:41 pm

Might have to find a way to watch Texas Tech at West Virginia as it’s all tied up at halftime.

purpleyeti October 19, 201312:40 pm

Apparently I’m not the only one hungry as Missouri is coming on strong.