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KC College GameDay LiveBlog 2013 Week 12: Midday Rock Block On KCGD


Turn up your radios and get ready to jam out on your ride home from work…if you work on Saturdays.  We have some Kansas State action as well as a hot one in Austin.  Plus some other junk games going on.  It’s a live blog that rocks all day long.  Let’s sit right back and listen to smooth sounds of the KCGD on 106.9: 10 times the 69!

KC College GameDay LiveBlog 2013 Week 11: Morning Comes To College Football America


Rise and shine we have our first early morning game and live blog!  I’ve got Kansas State at Texas Tech and more than likely a whole bunch of Big 10 games to chew through.  I may pop on later to watch the night games.   All the action will be right here.  Grab a cup of coffee and some biscuits and gravy and let’s watch some football!

KC College GameDay LiveBlog 2013 Week 10: Farmageddon Has Arrived


It’s the most holy of holy rivalries for any kind of farm bearing football fan.  Yes, Kansas State takes on Iowa State this weekend and I’ll be live-blogging all of the destruction.  It’s a Big 12 afternoon as well as we’ll see two more mediocre match ups before Oklahoma State takes on Texas Tech.  Plus we got Miami taking on Florida State in a very relevant rivalry game.  There will be blood left of the field after this day and I’ll be here documenting it all Ken Burns style.  Except using corny music.

KC College GameDay LiveBlog 2013 Week 08: In And Out


Yup, Kansas State is not playing so I will be in and out for the day.  Never fear, however, as I’ll probably watch some tasty ACC matchups tonight with Florida State heading to Clemson.  Chances are I’ll be flipping to USC and Notre Dame too.  The Big 12 and yes, Missouri, are already going so I’ll be throwing my two cents in when I can.  Well, I’ll be throwing in my double doubles when I can that is.

KC College GameDay LiveBlog 2013 Week 02: LiveBlog of the Century


Alrighty, after a quick hit at the gym and a scary finish to the Michigan vs Akron game and I’m ready to fire up the LiveBlog.  We have some slow cookin’ to do today but I will be there for the Game of the Century of the Week:  Texas A&M vs Alabama.  Also, I’ll fire up K-State.HDTV  for the Kansas State vs Umass game and perhaps the Mississippi State vs Texas game on the Longhorn Network.  Good times are ahead so let’s get it started.