KC College GameDay LiveBlog 2013 Week 10: Farmageddon Has Arrived


It’s the most holy of holy rivalries for any kind of farm bearing football fan.  Yes, Kansas State takes on Iowa State this weekend and I’ll be live-blogging all of the destruction.  It’s a Big 12 afternoon as well as we’ll see two more mediocre match ups before Oklahoma State takes on Texas Tech.  Plus we got Miami taking on Florida State in a very relevant rivalry game.  There will be blood left of the field after this day and I’ll be here documenting it all Ken Burns style.  Except using corny music.

purpleyeti November 2, 201310:37 pm

Okay lights out. Florida State won and I’m behind on picks. Congrats to Kansas State today.

purpleyeti November 2, 201310:01 pm

Ohio State has no argument the way Florida State is playing

purpleyeti November 2, 20139:44 pm

Blah blah blah Oklahoma State rolled Texas Tech and Miami is struggling

purpleyeti November 2, 20139:21 pm

That was the doink of all seasons for Oklahoma State there

purpleyeti November 2, 20139:02 pm

Well Missouri has this one in the bag and I don’t think that Texas Tech can come back against Oklahoma State

purpleyeti November 2, 20137:33 pm

Huge pick six for Texas Tech. This is gonna be a wild one

purpleyeti November 2, 20137:27 pm

I don’t want to say dagger but wow Texas Tech

purpleyeti November 2, 20137:17 pm

Well Oklahoma State quited the crowd down. I don’t think Tech can come back

purpleyeti November 2, 20136:45 pm

FATALITY on Texas Tech. Seriously, they are getting bloody via Oklahoma State

purpleyeti November 2, 20136:36 pm

Nebraska scrapes by with a Hail Mary, meanwhile Oklahoma State is flexing its muscle

purpleyeti November 2, 20136:16 pm

Welp WVU won in overtime. Now on to Texas Tech and Oklahoma State

purpleyeti November 2, 20135:16 pm

Beat em down! Kansas State has this! I’m now onto West Virginia and TCU. That one will go down to the last second.

purpleyeti November 2, 20135:11 pm

Kansas gives up. Again

purpleyeti November 2, 20134:48 pm

Meanwhile in the B1G: ZZZZzzzzzz

purpleyeti November 2, 20134:30 pm

Kansas State is dominating. The WVU and TCU game is way more interesting

purpleyeti November 2, 20133:57 pm

Okay so the Sams train ran through the Cyclones defense. We’re getting close to a blowout here.

purpleyeti November 2, 20133:41 pm

Welp a missed field goal helped KSU. Are they locked in already?

purpleyeti November 2, 20133:38 pm

Iowa State putting together a drive here.

purpleyeti November 2, 20133:26 pm

Texas is finally on the board! It took this long against Kansas?

purpleyeti November 2, 20133:16 pm

Signs of life from Iowa State. This may be another classic yet

purpleyeti November 2, 20133:09 pm

Welp belly is full of steak and corn and somehow Kansas State is dominating. I kinda want this to be interesting so step up Iowa State

purpleyeti November 2, 20131:55 pm

Oh man wheat bread is in the oven, the ribeyes are about ready for the grill, and Iowa vs Wisconsin is putitng me to sleep. Sounds like a November Saturday for college football!