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KC College GameDay LiveBlog 2013 Week 02: LiveBlog of the Century


Alrighty, after a quick hit at the gym and a scary finish to the Michigan vs Akron game and I’m ready to fire up the LiveBlog.  We have some slow cookin’ to do today but I will be there for the Game of the Century of the Week:  Texas A&M vs Alabama.  Also, I’ll fire up K-State.HDTV  for the Kansas State vs Umass game and perhaps the Mississippi State vs Texas game on the Longhorn Network.  Good times are ahead so let’s get it started.

KC College GameDay LiveBlog 2012 Week 04: Kansas State VS Oklahoma

Hitting up a bed and breakfast, but even this temporary roof has to watch some college football.  Follow along here.

KC College GameDay Live Blog 2012 Week 03: Firing Off A Shot

Alright here comes the live blog.   Sit with me on the couch and pick apart the games like I will.