Week 2: Home of the 12th Man, Wedding Parties, and YUCK!

Here’s yet another late post from the sunny side of State Line.  Forgive me for my tardiness, but I have my “first game” blinders on.  Each year, about 1 week prior to Mizzou’s home opener, I turn into a giddy little school girl.  My mind is clouded with thoughts of Tiger football, beer, brats, reuniting with old friends, etc.  It’s similar to thoughts of sugar plums, but even better!  Still, I can muster up a few thoughts about week two.  We’ll do this random style, and unlike Yurple, I don’t mind if you complain a little about local teams not being televised.

I strolled into Paddy O’Quigley’s a bit after 1:00.  I first noticed this narrow hall in the front with lots of windows.  All the tables have small TVs, and there are Plasmas on the wall.  However, the wall TVs are so high, you’d have to be a giraffe or perhaps one of those chicks from the Paduang Tribe to actually watch them.  The bright sun glaring off the TVs further decreased visibility.  It may be a decent area for night watching, or for just hanging out, as it’s rather modern and hip.  Fortunately, the main bar area offered an adequate array of TVs, and you could actually view them. 

As far as the games are concerned, it’s either too long ago for me to remember, or maybe I just couldn’t focus due to the extremely weird couple next to me.  Admittedly, I was envious of them, as they were drinking from this:


That’s right; the infamous beer tube!  Kudos to you Paddy O’Quigley’s.  I opted for the “special”, which was some $3 pint of some German beer… or maybe it was from Milwaukee.  How does one really know?  Anyway, it was pretty good, but not much of a “special”.  I was also distracted by the bartender, who first off, was nothing to look at, and secondly, was rude to me because I was wearing an MU hat.  Okay, he was a KU fan, so I expect and almost encourage him to be a little obnoxious; however, he seemed to forget that I would or would not be tipping him, and he essentially called me ignorant.  Yes, the day-time bartender, who proceeded to give me the wrong ticket, which happened to be for less money.  Again, kudos to you Paddy O’Quigley’s.

The other special was half-price appetizers starting at 2 PM.  For comparison sake, I ordered the Nachos (the Taco Yo Nachos, not the Not Yo Mommas Nachos).  All I can say is, YUCK!  Soggy, weird-textured, pile of YUCK!  Still, I ate a lot of them, and finally stopped tasting them yesterday.  I’m pretty sure I’ve had those at the Paddy O’ Quigley’s in Lee’s Summit without incident, so it must have been the “cook”.


I did capture pieces of a few games, including the Michigan game (oops), OU vs. Miami (blow-out), and Nebraska vs. Wake Forest. Yeah, that was a close one, but for me the game of the day was Texas A&M vs. Fresno State.  Yes, the Aggies almost blew it to an unranked team from the WAC, but gameday outing number 2 was Home of the 12th Man.  Seriously, I don’t know where all the Aggies came from, but they all ended up at Paddy O’Quigley’s.  It was quite impressive.  They were loud and boisterous and seemed to be having lots of fun.  Of course, I didn’t see them when Fresno State came back.  You better watch out, Wild Cats.

The day ended rather early for 3 reasons.  First off, I had to get ready for the Mustache Bash.  Secondly, I wanted to listen to the Missouri game, and finally, and most importantly, the bar was suddenly raided by a huge wedding party.  It was a bunch of young, beautiful people all dressed up to the nines.  I just don’t think that has a place in the game day experience.  Seriously, who gets married during college football season!?   “Not I”, said the tiger….

As stated in Purple Yeti’s last blog, he will be watching games at the Other Place.  Of course, I will be in Columbia, MO around 9:00 AM with a brewski or Bloody Mary.  Whether in the O.P. or Columbia, regardless of your team, we’d love to see you out, or at least to hear your stories of your gameday debauchery.  Take care, and GO TIGERS!