Barspotting: I Like Lew’s Behavior


Lew's Bar & Grill

When: Saturday, October 13

Where: Lew’s Bar & Grill, 7539 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64114

Time: Looking at 11 am for the Yeti, but more than likely sometime before the Mizzou watch party at 3:30 pm.  Not sure when Krizzou’s gonna be there but I know she’ll start some chants sooner or later.


  • 11:30 PM Baylor at #20 Kansas
  • 2:30 PM #1 LSU at #17 Kentucky
  • 2:30 PM #4 Boston College at Notre Dame
  • 2:30 PM #11 Missouri at #6 Oklahoma
  • 2:30 PM Texas A&M at Texas Tech
  • 6:45 PM #22 Auburn at Arkansas
  • 8:15 PM Colorado at Kansas State

Notes: Lew’s is a Missouri bar.  It’s in Missouri and people enojy Missouri Tigers sports there.  This is a follow up from last weeks Harpo’s challange.  I’ve been to the Hooley there so expectations are high.