That just happened! And now I’m all wet.

Okay, I got it. It’s actually Lew’s GRILL AND BAR. I realized yesterday that I switched the names on my posts. Cut me some slack though, as both types of web addresses go to the same page. And please ignore the image clearly pointing out the correct name on the barspotting post. Everything fumbled around Saturday. More undefeated teams were upset, unlikely teams were left undefeated, and I had to wear a wretched KU shirt.

Lew’s Grill and Bar finds itself plunked down in the heart of the Waldo district in Kansas City, Missouri. Home of the best Hooley in town, Lew’s is sports and irish flavor with some ties to the Missouri Tigers. Walking in, I faced a ring of TVs, some standard, but most HD. They had a collection of games including darts, Golden Tee, Buck Hunter Pro, and Bags. I actually plunked down a buck for the Bags game and yes it is as absurd as I noted earlier. Bags really is just the bag toss roller ball and a button for 3 types of tosses. Silly.

The service at Lew’s really was kinda lame. The waitresses in the first shift were pretty average fair but the second shift waitresses really followed through. There was a lull in between shifts that left us waiting for drinks and food for awhile, but once that was addressed things smoothed out.

The service wasn’t as smooth as the Turbo Tots I nibbled on for lunch. Stuffed with the right amount of cheese and green chilis, the Turbo Tots really hit the spot. I also snagged up some leftover Pork Tenderlew and some homehade chips which were both really good too. Yeah, I’m that kind of table scrapper.

I think it was the combination of the all day rain and the anticipation of the evening that left the experience a little numb. It was pretty dead there until the MU/OU game. Granted the KU/Baylor game was in a lightning delay, but the KU fans as well as the morning Big 10 fans there were unusually quiet. I wish it was a little more spirited, but you can’t have the home run at every plate appearance (yeah I know it’s a baseball reference, DEAL). At least I made the time go by faster by belittling the KU shirt I had to wear from last week’s Pick It N’ Stick It loss, even going as far as to taking off the thing and showing off my Yeti pecs.

Lightning did strike LSU, however, in the biggest upset of the day for the other games. It took a bajillion overtimes, but Kentucky got its seat at the table by unseating the other Tigers. What foreshadowing. The morning Big 10 fair was about as boring as the fans that were at the bar. Notre Dame actually competed with Boston College but I couldn’t really tell because it was on a far TV.

Weird huh? Well if you noticed, one Big 12 team stayed up and the other went down. KU actually did have revenge in mind, and even Mother Nature herself couldn’t slow them down. KU totally dominated Baylor and now I’m officially scared that KU might be for real. I hope Missouri can pick itself up after losing to the Sooners in Norman. Stoops lost only twice in Norman during his tenure, so it wasn’t a shock. What was shocking was the sloppy second half play by the Tigers. Hey Missouri, fix that and beat KU so my Wildcats can eventually vault into a tie or more in the North.

The North winds are blowing now, and the rain that came washed hope away for some teams as well as desire for this Yeti and Missouri sports bars. I have my fingers crossed that something better might come along, but my initial fears might be right about labeling the Brooksider as the Missouri bomb. The Turbo Tots almost swayed me. I cut out at halftime with Jeff, a K-Stater working in Texas who was visiting, to hit up a fellow Yeti’s bachelor party. For the day, there was plenty of fumbling: From the KU shirt I flipped off in the bar, to the Tiger reverse handoff from Chase, and finally my boys’ hands on some of the girls at Pure.