Pick It N’ Stick It: Speed Dialing Beano

Here’s another week of picks. Yes, we’re a little bogged down with real world stuff, but we’re gonna bang out some picks regardless. Beano Cook is really old. He’s been around since forever and is pretty much the Phil Rizzuto of College Football. Check out the ESPN College Football Insider on Wednesdays to listen to him dog every other sport and talk about what college football was like in the 1930’s. The Purple Yeti will because he needs help with his picks big time.

Favorite Final Underdog Krizzou Purple Yeti
(6) West Virginia 6 (25) RUTGERS (25) RUTGERS (6) West Virginia
(14) KENTUCKY 13.5 Mississippi St. (14) KENTUCKY (14) KENTUCKY
(13) MISSOURI 28.5 Iowa St. (13) MISSOURI (13) MISSOURI
(5) OREGON 3 (9) USC (9) USC (5) OREGON
(17) TEXAS 20.5 Nebraska Nebraska (17) TEXAS
(19) MICHIGAN 23 Minnesota (19) MICHIGAN (19) MICHIGAN
(11) South Florida 4 CONNECTICUT CONNECTICUT (11) South Florida
(9) Florida 8.5 (20) GEORGIA (9) Florida (20) GEORGIA
(21) Virginia 3.5 N.C. STATE (21) Virginia (21) Viginia
(23) AUBURN 17 Mississippi (23) AUBURN (23) AUBURN
(12) Kansas 2.5 TEXAS A&M TEXAS A&M (12) Kansas
TENNESSEE 2.5 (15) South Carolina (15) South Carolina (15) South Carolina
(1) Ohio St. 3.5 (24) PENN ST. (1) Ohio St. (1) Ohio St.
(7) ARIZONA ST. 3 (18) California (18) California (7) ARIZONA ST.
(16) HAWAII 27.5 New Mexico St. (16) HAWAII (16) HAWAII

There you have it. Krizzou is dominating and the Yeti is seriously hurting. What other things will the Yeti do at the next outing? This is a good time to remind people that suggested nudity will be ignored. Otherwise, post a comment and suggest some pain for the loser.

Update: Well what do you know?  The Purple Yeti comes through victorious by at least 2 picks.  So that means that the Krizzou will have to do something mildly embarrassing at the next outing.  Tune in to find out when and where.