Was it the pizza or being away that made me sleepy?

I was still kinda dazed pulling into the City Market Saturday heading toward another KCCGD barspot. The night before was a wedding rehearsal that the Yeti was fully in (it’s okay, it wasn’t my wedding). We had a big ole meal from Bucca De Peppo and it was just lounging in my stomach. I plowed forward and made my way to Minsky’s at the City Market.

I’ve heard some good things about Minsky’s and the whole time I thought, “But isn’t this a pizza place first?” So I have to say I was a shocked when I walked into the place. As you go through the doors, it looks like a regular pizza joint, but then when you go deeper through another set of doors you are treated to something of a marvel. It’s pretty much a 3 tiered seating arrangement with 4 levels of tvs (big screens included). That’s it. There was some Golden Tee game sitting in the corner but it was all TV on one side and theater like seating on the other.

I was treated to another surprise when I talked to the bar tender as I got my bearings. Apparently she was from England as the accent suggested. I am a sucker for foreign accents. Most of the waitresses there were from another country except for a few and after the service we got, I was left wishing we had some American girl. She was just a little….okay way too slow on some stuff. But at least we were happy when the Bacon and Black Olive pizza Jolly and I ordered came out. Minsky’s pizza is damn delicious.

So we’re munching pizza and getting straightened out of the tv setup. Like I said before, it was a 4 level kinda thing going on. 1 level regular screen, 1 level 3 big projector screens, and 2 levels of regular screens on top. It really is quite the sight to see. It didn’t come without some problems, however. I found out that Pakistan was having problems on the 2 tvs that had CNN on. Also, the hanging wires for the lights on the first level were really annoying toward the end. Regardless, it’s worth to watch some football out there.

I really didn’t focus much on any other games for the outing as it was pretty much KSU vs Iowa State and Kansas vs Nebraska for me. First off, I’m going with the toughest part first and that is, of course, the jaw dropping loss to Iowa Sate for my Kansas State Wildcats. Quick recap: Turnover on first play, ISU recovers and scores. Repeat a couple of times and toss in some offense for Jordy Nelson. That’s about it. It’s almost a no brainer anymore with the Wildcats. We turn the ball over more than once, we lose. Tough road loss to the Cyclones. Good job Iowa State.

I can’t really say I’m shocked by Kansas shalacking Nebraska. The score was pretty impressive, but Nebraska was giving it up like a 2 dollar whore all season. Kansas is loaded on offense and Reeses (that’s his name right?) seems to be the real deal. Touchdown after touchdown, it was dizzying. Everybody and their mother has figured that Callahan is toast after this season. Now’s the chance for the other north teams to stock up on talent because the rebuilding after this year will take about 2 or 3 more. I hope they all go to K-State.

Between dizzying and dazed, I can’t say if it was the food or if it was the bar that made me sleepy. They use some noise dampening stuff on the ceiling and I honestly think it hurt atmosphere. When I go to bars to watch college sports, I want it loud so I can feel like I’m at the game. Minsky’s just didn’t do it for me. The food’s great. The TV setup is almost awesome. But I had to leave either out of sleepiness, depression, or just dizzyness. It was a good call too, because I got to dance on chairs at the Peanut later on.