Manhattan Isn’t What It Used To Be, And Neither Were The Wildcats

The Purple Yeti likes to take one weekend out of the year to relive what it’s like in the Little Apple and last week it was time to make the trip.  The garage door opening up was new to me as there was much change from what I was used to back in the Yeti days of Wildcat prominence.  Please note that the smoke you see was from Chase and Co. smoking K-State on the field.

My buddy Phil was nice enough to let us park at his place so we can walk to stadium and save some cash for parking.  Walking up to the newly renamed Bill Snyder Family Stadium, most changes are clearly seen.  They added another big screen scoreboard and extended seats on the student side.  I was really impressed with the sound system too.  Some of the benches had backs screwed onto them but the rest of the space were all bench seating.

In the football off season, I usually journey over to Kauffman Stadium to catch a Royals game.  Now their ballpark franks are pretty tasting, but the brat and dog I had Saturday rivals that.  They were no Sheboygan, but the meat was thick and the buns held up nice (that’s what she said).  To top off the dual wiener experience, I stuffed my face with a good ole fashioned Cheescake on a Stick.  After waiting a bit for the cake to thaw out, it ended up tasting sweet and thus furthered my belief that anything on a stick is better than the original.

KSU Pre Game

What’s changed?  They paved the locker room area and slapped some real seats there instead of laying some folding chairs in the grass.  The opening of the garage door is pretty cool, but it would be better if the garage door opened faster.  When the Yeti was there, the in-game music was more 80’s rock/metal with the likes of the Cure, Queen, and what not. What we were treated to was hip hop and rap with a little GNR tossed in for balance.  The other impressive change were the new seats and the fact that they actually filled them for the game.  I would say it was a near sell out.

Welp, their are highlights.  It was mainly Mizzou as the tone of the game changed to when, on the first play for the Offense,  Josh Freeman made a bad decision and tossed the ball to the guy in the white jersey.  TD Mizzou.  James Johnson’s big run and Jordy’s touchdown catch were the only really big highlights for KSU.  What’s troubling is the development of Josh Freeman.  He should be getting better but compared to last year and yet he’s playing the same.  KSU has him for 2 more years and if he stays the same, the battle axe should fall on the quaterback coach.

Mizzou did give up points during the game, but they pulled away in second half much in part to Krizzou’s boy Jeremy Maclin.   Jeremy’s breaking records as a freshman and it looks like he’s the spark to Mizzou’s powder keg offense.  Just watch the highlights, touchdown catches and runbacks galore.  If he can hold onto the ball better in exchanges, he could be a Heisman holder by the end of his college career.  KU better watch out this weekend, as there really isn’t anyone on the Jayhawk side of the ball that can compare.

The experience was all in all a good one.  I’d be lying if I were to say KSU was gonna beat Mizzou.  In the end, KSU fell short as expected and the stadium pageantry helped soothe the sorrow.  The sugar rush from the wedgee knocked me out on the ride back and all I had in my was “Party Like a Rockstar.”  Good times, indeed.