Same old, Same old in the South

The Big 12 South will have its fair share of exciting matchups this year, but do we think the ultimate victor of the South will be the same old character. . . .

 Baylor – well what can I say, they have already lost a game, and I still have not gotten this written.  With that said, it is too bad that they don’t have K-state on their schedule, or they might win a game or two in the Big 12.  I still bet they beat someone, and that someone might be an A&M.  Not much to talk about here, but if Prince in Manhattan falters, I would like to see Baylor’s current D-coord as the KSU next head man (Phil Bennet).  Prediction 3-9.  Art Briles should not have left Houston.

 A&M – well what is worse getting a coach that couldn’t cut it with Bret Favre as his quarterback, or coaching the Aggies with high expectations, but second rate talent.  There is a reason that Texas and Texas Tech are running away with the solid recruits and building bigger, better programs – it is because A&M has no excitement around their program.  (Maybe they should hire Bob Huggins?). . .  Anyway, given all that they do have a good back in Mr. Goodcents and a returning quarterback.  K-state will be hard pressed to beat them in College Station, but not many other teams.  Let’s go with 6-6.

Tech. – Same old same old, exciting high scoring offense, you go the bathroom during the break, you come back and they have the ball again (The other team has already scored).  K-state cannot seem to keep up with this type of game in the past 3-4 years, and it will probably be no different this year.  Tech won’t be able to win the South, because atleast twice this year a team will hold them under 40 points, and meanwhile have offensive lineman cramping up because they keep running up and down the field on them.  Prediction 9-3.

OSU – the Big 12 version has a man as their coach and an underdog mentality (tell that to old Boone).  Expectations are high, but I am not sure they should be.  I think they have a shot at the South, but they have to gain some momentum early.  Zac Robinson could be this year’s Reesing and I would not be the least bit suprised.  I would like to take them winning the South, but I just can’t see it, we will be optomistic and give them a 9-3 record.

Texas – there is only one team in the country that should win the national championship every year and/or be playing at the minimum a BCS game, but forgets that they have to actually play the game.  HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I am going to guess a 10-2 record due to a typical loss to a nobody, and their annual loss to Bob Stoops.  I could go on about Mr. Brown, but I will wait until after they struggle this weekend against a Florida Atlantic team (Go Schnellenberger – do I have the right team?)

OU – as usual is the cream of the big 12, but their time is limited – Bob Stoops needs to deliver another title game, or I could see his job getting stale and him wanting to find something different.  You heard it here first – Bob Stoops takes Marvin Lewis’ job at Cincinatti after a very dissappointing season in the NFL.  THEN the shocker is that OU goes and hires Josh Heupel as their new coach. . . . Okay, so that is not a huge limb I am on, but it has got to be bigger than me being President in 8 years, or Gov. Palin being the VP canidate for McCain (Oh wait that actually happened) she is just as I pictured a Soccer Mom VP would look like.  Hmmm which one is Obama?

Soccer Mom

So OU goes 11-1 (loss to Kstate), wins the South, probably the Big 12 championship, but I will hold out on that prediction until the game gets nearer.

 Enjoy this weekend of football, in between the Presidential Election coverage and Hurrican Gustav.  I will be enjoying the 2008 Ring of Honor ceremonies tomorrow evening in Bill Snyder Family Stadium, and hopefully a decisive victory over North Texas to get the season started in the right direction.  My son will be joining me, and I will have a detailed article coming out later this weekend, describing the weekend adventures.

Go Cats!