Barspotting: Two Spots, One Week, Zero Time (except for Willie’s)

One quick note before the Saturday spot.  The ole KCCGD crew is heading out to Kite’s (formerly Rusty’s Last Chance) to watch K-State vs Louisville.  Freeman got some front page love yesterday on as the Big 12 Blogger Tim Griffin talked about Josh being up there as one of the league’s best quarterbacks.  He also picked the Wildcats with the shnide over the Cardinals.  It’s on the road but they travel well and Louisville may be out a couple of offensive linemen for the game so I’m with Tim and giving the Yeti Schnide to K-State.  Here’s Saturday’s spot:

Willie’s Kansas City

When: Saturday, September 20th 2008
Where: Willie’s Kansas City, 1501 Grand Av, Kansas City, MO 64108
Time: Evening-ish.  Probably 5pm.

Notes: It’s a Big 12 showcase this week starting with K-State vs Louisville as noted above.  Colorado and Baylor also get a taste of the national television stage on the next nights, respectively. LSU vs Auburn is the big game as the battle for SEC supremacy begins.  Look for the upset special for Georgia at Arizona St.  I spied Willie’s as I was heading to McFadden’s last year and it looks to be a more established sports bar downtown.  It should be a good time.  Although I couldn’t really see and big screens while I walked by it.  We’ll find out Saturday night.  Until then, GO CATS!