Downtown KC, Small (Not Big) Willie’s Style


It’s another week of football down and it’s getting achingly close to conference play.  The day’s event took us to Willie’s next to the Power & Light district.  It was kind of a blah afternoon after football leading up to some major action for the evening’s games, much the build up of non-con games before the real meat of the conference ball.  At any rate we learned about premier teams, KU’s play, and some cottage fries.

I first spied Willie’s downtown when we were going to McFadden’s last year for the ole barspot.   It looked rather homey, and after first inspection Saturday, it seemed more apartmenty.  There are a decent sprinkle of flat and plasma screen TVs in the bar with the right kind of satellite packages.  The shocking revelation was that the only game to play there was Silverstrike Bowling.  No Golden Tee or even Bags.  The garage doors gave Willie’s an open, much larger, feeling than what it really was so that was a good call.

Big Kahuna Burger

Size does matter for the ladies as Willie’s only had 2 servers for the whole bar that night.  In the grand spectrum of waitress hotness, I would give them the label of “City Hot.”  City Hot is where a girl is attractive but you can see the underlying wear and tear of urban living.   I ended up tearing into the Big Kahuna burger and what was called cottage fries.  I’ve never had cottage fries and the only way I could describe them as disc-o-potatoes.  Now the burger was fantastic and I know this because they asked how to cook it beforehand.  That’s always a good sign of burger care.

Football cooked up rare for the day before rolling into some crispy juiciness on the night.  So much so that it was rare, I’m skipping right to the main course of the evening.  The Wake Forest vs Florida State game was bloody sloppy with turnovers but after a hail of field goals, the Deacs pulled through 12-9.  The LSU vs Auburn game was a filling feast of what college football was all about.  After the first half, Auburn was up big but then Jarrett Lee came in for an injured Andrew Hatch and threw LSU to victory.

The Big 12 desert of the day for me was watching KU for the first time on TV this year.  Kansas hosted Sam Houston State and I must say that they are not what they were last year.  Sam Houston hung in for the game for a bit, giving up turnovers to give KU a 14 point lead at the half.  Of course, the atheletes took over in the second half but the magic just seems to be gone for the Jayhawks.  They’ll still contend for the North, but I’m starting to think last year was a one time thing.  As for the rest of the Big 12, didn’t watch as they were mostly on earlier in the week.

Welp, Willie’s is a small afterthought to all of the commotion of the Power & Light District, but it is WAY better than McFadden’s.  Willie’s follows through and many sports bar musts, even though it is a really small bar.  The football for day convinced me that SEC is football is where it’s at for the time being but it also left me longing for conference play for the Big 12.  The lack of a crowd at the bar shows that everyone else in KC is ready too.