Barspotting: Hey Go Fly A Kite’s, Wait A Minute Wasn’t This….?

Okay so I was at Kite’s earlier this year to cheer on K-State and only saw then tank hard to Louisville, but it wasn’t an official barspot.  Some of you may be asking, “Hey that used to Rusty’s Last Chance!”  And yes, we were there for a barspot last year.  But the place has name changed, I didn’t get any pics, and most importantly last year K-State beat top 10 ranked Texas.  So I’m hoping to rub off some of that magic this year when they take on No. 7 Texas Tech.  Boy OH boy I’m pulling out all the stops this week.  Purple shirt, purple boxers, purple pens, Purplesaurus Rex Kool aid, the whole shebang.  All for the defense.  Anyway, here’s Kite’s:

Kite’s Bar

When: Saturday October, 4 2008
Where: Kite’s Grille And Bar10901 West 75th Street, Shawnee, KS 66214
When: 11:00 AM-ish

Notes: In honor of opening week of conference play for the Big 12, we are featuring all Big 12 games this week.  It just so happens the matchups feature a ranked vs unranked team!  Ho glory and hallelujah conference play has arrived!  In other games, we see some mid level Big 10 and SEC teams go against each other, with the winner potentially making a one loss case at the end of the year.   Lest we forget the Miama vs Florida State rivalry.  The night cappers look great this weekend too, hmmmm go Mizzou?