Barspotting: Bringing it Back to Best Spot from Last Year at Brooksider’s (Alliteratively)

Brooksider Bar & Grill

So we dialed in the mojo a couple of weeks ago by returning toKite’s (formerly Rusty’s) the K-State vs. Texas Tech game so we’re gonna dial up another mojo hit for the Mizzou vs Texas game at the Brooksider. It truly was the best spot last year so we’re looking to have a good time. Since we’ve been there however, there have been a few changes so we’ll check up on that and let y’all know how it goes. One thing’s for sure, Krizzou is gonna drink her anxiousness to blackout.
When: Saturday, October 18, 2008
Where: Brooksider Bar & Grill6330 Brookside Plz, Kansas City, MO
Time: 2pm, the morning games suck


Notes:  The big game this week is the bounce back of Mizzou against the Texas Longhorns.  There may be some let down from the Longhorn side, but we’ll see if the Tigers are big time enough to come into Austin PO’ed and ready to roll.   The other big game in this dual rivalry matrix is Kansas heading to Oklahoma.  Kansas looks a little more shakey this year and we’ll see if the Sooners won’t fumble this one away.   Those are two great North vs. South matchups.  K-State is looking to start bowl game chatter if they pull out a win in Colorado.  The other big games of note include Vandy hoping to upset the Dawgs in Georgia, Michigan officially looking to upste Penn State, some ACC game with the Hokies taking on Boston College, and Ohio State still lurking and taking on a surprisingly good looking football team in Michigan State.