Barspotting: Franchise Funkiness at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Buffalo Wild Wings

Many of the barspots we’ve been at here at the KCCGD are locallly owned bars. Some of them are franchise (read more than one bar in the area), but we really haven’t hit up a national type chain. Until this week. I’m not sure if it’s the commercial or if it’s the tasty wings, but we’re taking a break from the local sauce to see how the national boys stand up.  There may be more franchises down the road, but rest assured we will hit up the local flavor again real soon.  Here’s this weeks slate of games:

When: Saturday, October 25 2008
Where: Buffalo Wild Wings9490 E State Route 350 Raytown, MO 64133
Time: 11:00 AM – The good Big 12 Games are early this week
11:00 PM CT No. 8 Texas Tech at No. 23 Kansas
11:30 PM CTNo. 4 Oklahoma at Kansas State
11:30 PM CT Baylor at Nebraska
2:30 PM CT No. 6 Oklahoma State at No. 1 Texas
2:30 PM CT No. 7 Georgia at No. 13 LSU
2:30 PM CT Michigan State at Michigan
5:30 PM CT Colorado at No. 15 Missouri
6:00 PM CT Texas A&M at Iowa State
7:00 PM CT No. 3 Penn State at No. 9 Ohio State
7:00 PM CT Notre Dame at Washington

Notes:  The ballyhoo of early games will make my indigestion hit early as undefeated Tech will go back to the state of Kansas again.  It’s homecoming time for K-State and in the tradition of picking easy opponents for homecoming, the Wildcats are going up against Oklahoma.  WTF?!?!  An undefeated will certainly fall this week as the Cowpokes from OSU will try to do what Mizzou couldn’t against Texas.  Speaking of Mizzou, THIS week is the bounce back week.  We are deeming it Bounce Back II: Bounce Harder.

In the non Big 12 games, the first one of note is the Big 10 rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State.  Chances are Javon Ringer will run all over the Wolverines in the second half, but you never know.  Georgia is looking to make it back in the title hunt and a road win at LSU should make some noise if they win.  Lastly, the battle for Big 10 dominance hits this week as Penn State will try to beat Ohio State at the Buckeyes for the first time in forever.  The winner will almost certainly backdoor their way into the title hunt.   When are they going to give conference title games to the Big 10 and Pac 10?  Grrrrr.

On a side note, we want to point out again that we focus alot on the Big 10 as well at the KCCGD.  It is a Midwest conference and we do see alot of Big 10 fans roving around.  So week in and week out, you may see us focus on that conference.  Heck there used to be rumors of the Big 10 courting Missouri to join their conference.  That would be a way better choice than Notre Dame.  Of course, those rumors are gone now that both Missouri is doing well finally and the Big 10 has been super lame in the last couple of years.