Flaming Fannies From Some Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

This week’s barspot hits up a franchise with the wacky folks from Buffalo Wild Wings.  Raytown was the place we went to form the various locations around the area, and after the nice drive through Swope Park it seemed the right choice.  I was fired up for the games as there were homecomings for some North schools and a big national contest in the South as well as the Big 10.  Buffalo Wild Wings also fired me up in other places Let’s hit the barspot.

Buffalo Wild Wings More TVs

The KCCGD crew had to get a taste to what was going on nationally so walking in, the expectations were high for sporst bar patronage.  The Raytown location had a nice open space and high tables to give a very large feel.  There were hanging TVs all around and four huge projectors to display the games.  One of the problems, however, was that none of them were high definition.  That was okay for Jolly and the rest of the smokers as a section for them to partake alleviated any stress over the lack of necessary quality.Dusted about the edges of the bar, you could see many different games and distractions.  Of course the basic group of Silverstrike Bowling, Golden Tee, and Buck Hunter can be found.  Buffalo Wild Wings has their owned branded version of NTN Trivia.  One could rock out with some tunes on the internet jukebox.   The real nice touch was the inclusion of Need For Speed GT and the Ms. PacMac/Galaga arcade machines.  It warms the heart of a Yeti when a bar chooses to go old school.

Wings Before
Wings After

It helps when the heart of the Yeti was warmed almost instantly upon arrival.  I walked in and without hesitation I was asked where to sit, had the appetizer menu flipped for me, and the NTN Trivia game brought to my table.  The waitress attending and the bartender later on were both Raytown hot so it made the experience that much better.  The only item on the menu I could really pick justice wise were buffalo wings so I snatched upa dozen choosing ‘Caribeen Jerk’ and ‘Blazin’ as my flavors.  The waitress cracked some jokes about the blazin’ causing some major damage if you didn’t wash your hands first before going to the bathroom, which was a funny and nice touch.  She was right too, the wings were super hot and my nose was runny but it was so delicious.  The problems came later.

After the delish wings, I was ready for some football.  Across the Top 25 landscape, we saw some upsets crop up but we also saw some domination.  Georgia acted like a Big 12 team and destroyed LSU at their home.  Michigan State won for the first time in a long time at Ann Arbor, topping the rebuilding Wolverines.  Rutgers upset the mustache Wanstead laden Pittsburgh Panthers.  Louisville upset USF, making KU’s loss to them worse.  Indiana brought Northwestern back down to earth.  Virginia came from nowhere to beat conference leader Georgia Tech.

The biggest non conference game of the day went to Ohio State at home versus the undefeated Penn State Nittany Lions.  This game was the very definition of a Big 10 matchup.  No high scores here, as it was all defense.  The turnover by Terrell Pryor proved to be the difference for the game as the Lions converted off the turnover and went on to win 13-6.  The road is wide open for Penn State to be in the title game and the Yeti is so rooting against them form here on out.

Big 12 wise, the ranked teams didn’t really entertain except for one.  Nebraska barely beat Baylor as they are starting to come on strong.  Texas A&M beat Iowa State in their own version of a shootout, though nobody really cares.  Krizzou is definately stoked about Missouri finally bouncing back big time blanking Colorado 58-o.  I bet she’s also happy about the Chase’s record performance with the Coffman type setting the DI tight end receiving record and the Daniel’s type matching is touchdown passing record at 5.  The Yeti gauruntees she had a good homecoming.

The state Kansas and their homecoming games this weekend didn’t pan out as close.  First up, Kansas felt the same brunt K-State felt when Texas Tech rolled into their home and bitch slapped them all over the field.  Ressing looked like Josh Freeman as he was lobbing up interceptions for the Mike Leech led Red Raiders to take full advantage.  KU simply couldn’t match the output that Texas Tech had.   K-State, on the other hand, smartly scheduled Oklahoma as their homecoming and the result ended up being the highest scoring Big 12 game this year so far.  The only problem was it was Oklahoma with 58 and K-State with 35.  Thanks again goes to Josh Freeman and his decision making skills in helping the Sooners with 5 turnovers.  I’m now on the fence on Freeman’s choice for the NFL at the end of the year.  I almost want his poor head game to go away.

What I didn’t want to go away was the helluva contest we were blessed with from out southern bretheren in the Texas versus Oklahoma State game.  Apparantley Oklahoma State never won in Austin and this year was their best chance to date.  Colt and the Longhorns went up early to squash any upset makings, but the Cowboys held tough to the end.  The Cowboys came back toward the finish, with the help of Colt and his turnover, but just couldn’t seal it with a last second hail mary pass.  The Texas Longhorns found themselves in another instant classic and the Oklahoma State Cowboys should’t drop very far as they are way more legit than ever.

Speaking of dropping far, the Yeti’s time at Buffalo Wild Wings was punctuated by the butthole flaming induced wings he ate earlier.  It’s a personal preference to not use the toilet for number 2 in a bar, but this case couldn’t be helped.  Outside of that major outburst, Buffalo Wild Wings was an okay place to go, if not but for the service alone.  They could use an upgrade in technology.  We don’t need an upgrade in football as we are full tilt into the season now.  The big week of football was done and the Yeti’s homecoming included some TUMS.