Barspotting: Bouncing Back and Ruffling the Quaff

Quaff Bar & Grill

It’s another week of KCCGD creaminess and we’re heading back downtown for a storied barspott at the Quaff Bar & Grill.  We’ve rolled downtown before but we wanted to hit up a sports bar that actually has some history before the Power & Light closes it down.  That’s right, Tanner’s right next door closed down and its high time to get some reminiscing done before the new school eats the old school.  It should be fun, as the last time I was there (years ago mind you) I remember pitchers of beer and some darts.  Doink!

When: Saturday, November 8 2008
Where: Quaff Bar & Grill – 1010 Broadway St, Kansas City, MO 64105
Time: 1:00 PM – I hope KU is on PPV


Notes:  There’s a decent amount of Top 25 matchups rolling into this week as we’re looking at Ohio State and Northwestern batting heads as well as Georgia Tech vs North Carolina, TCU vs Utah, and California vs USC.   We have the biggest Top 25 matchup going on with Alabama vs LSU.  I hope for an upset on that one.  In the Big 12, there’s nothing special coming up except for the biggest matchup of newly crowned front runners Texas Tech taking on Oklahoma State.  My nipples will be hard for that one.  Sprinkle in a Notre Dame vs Boston College rivalry and we got one helluva football weekend coming up.  This truly is a November to remember.