Cold and Stiffed from the Quaff Makes for a Chili Day

The barspot this week landed us at the Quaff downtown.  The movement going on at the Power & Light district had a casualty in Tanner’s next door, so we wanted to hit the more established places next seeing as we hit up the flashy sports bars in the P&L.  It was a bittery cold day Saturday,  but the lukewarm games and warm friendship of buddies that dropped by, including Cabbottmtf, kept the time toasty.  Unfortunately, the service was ice cold and the Quaff is on the clock.

Walking into the Quaff, the first glance makes it seem much smaller than originally thought.  It looks like the Quaff started small and bought out neighbors.  Within the many rooms there, you can see HD flat screen and regular screen TVs hanging up.  The surprise later came when they rolled down the projector screens.  Bartender Anthony was more than helpful in choosing what games to watch where.  The problem was they had no Gameplan, no Big Ten Network, and no satellite.  They even didn’t spring for the PPV KU vs Nebraska game, lobbing a $1500 price tag excuse at us.

GamesPhone booth

To make up for the lack of football choices, the Quaff set aside space for just about any bar game imaginable.  They have the standard set of video games with Golden Tee and Silverstrike Bowling.  Old School took over the rest as they have darts, foosball, pool tables, a shuffle board, and even Pop-A-Shot.  The first generation Pop-A-Shot creaked and cranked with noises as each person tried their hand at acting like Shaq.  The phone booth looked kinda gamey as well.

Uncle Phil’s ChiliBacon CheeseburgerExtreme Melt

After some rousing games, both parlor and spectating, your stomach starts growling.  The Quaff had no drink specials going on for gameday and even charged a buck fitty for each can of soda.  That said, Uncle Phil’s Chili was a super fantastic treat and it really helped warm me up.  Later on, I enjoyed the crispy bacon on the bacon cheesburger and the Extreme Melt splitting halfsies with my lady.  The fries were really good too.

I’m not sure if it’s a trend for downtown, but for some reason the service at the Quaff really sucked.   The first lady out was really slow, even though we were practically the only ones in the bar.  The new one took forever to transfer the tabs from the old one, around 45 minutes.  On top of that, I ended up getting charged and extra 15 bucks for beer and a meal I didn’t eat.  I talked to the waitress and she didn’t offer to talk to the manager or refer me to the manager to sort this out.  Later on, and I’m not sure if it was related to my issue, the Manager/Owner guy verbally reprimanded her in front of everyone, offering to do her math.  The whole experience was completley unprofessional.  If you do end up going to the Quaff, pay as you go and pay with cash only.

The games for the day cashed out even as some of the larger matchups split between blowouts and greatness.  The two big games of the day saw Alabama heading to LSU and Penn State trying to stay alive at Iowa.  The first matchup ended in most excellent fashion with LSU blocking a kick at the end of regulation to send it to overtime.  The game already was a back and forth battle, but after Lee from LSU tossed an interception in the endzone, Alabama fired right back and got the 6 for the win 27-21.  The other big matchup had the upset special bells a ringing as Penn State went to Iowa to defend their undefeated record.  The Nittany Lions fumbled early and gave the Hawkeyes a quick score, but came back to take a lead running into the fourth quater.  They couldn’t hold of the Hawks, however, as a last second kick sealed the destiny of the Nittany Lions and finally quieted all the over hype of the Big 10.

Big 12 wise, there were some real duds dropping.  As expected, Oklahoma rolled Texas A&M and Texas demolished Baylor.  We couldn’t really see Nebraska take care of KU and bring them back to earth.  The most competitive game of the day ended up being Colorado against Iowa State, with the Buffs stopping the Cyclones on a 4th down play to win 28-24.  That’s it the for the smaller games of the day.

The games we were there for weren’t as exciting as we hoped.  First up , the expected game of the week wasn’t much at all.  Texas Tech devoured Oklahoma State as the ‘Pokes were no match for the offensive juggernut in the Red Raiders, 56-20.  Props go to Texas Tech’s defense as they showed up too. Next was K-State vs Missouri.  Krizzou has to be happy with Chase and Maclin and company with the Tigers blowing out the Wildcats 41-24, even though K-State covered the spread with a late 93 yard kick return for a touchdown, an onside, and a touchdown pass from Chase Coffman’s brother Carson.

Stack O Cups

So, the day yielded the Yeti a stack of cheapo cups.  Thanks goes out to Cabbotmtf and friends on making their way out as it really warmed the Yeti’s heart to see some peeps barspotting.   The food is tasty and the chili was a home run at the Quaff.  The next step for them is to upgrade their cable package to get some Gameplan, Big 10 Network, and any other football package, if they are serious about college football.  One thing is for sure, hold your wallet close if you make it out there because they will stiff you don’t pay attention.