Pick It and Stick It: Overloaded on Turkey, We’re Ready to Pick at it

Sitting in Ozark, Missouri and letharging about on this day after Thanksgiving, I can’t help but think how thankful we have to be for college football.  After the turkey’s we had yesterday NFL-wise (okay including the Texas rout of Texas A&M), we are treated to some actual competitive football.  I watched a pretty good back and forth matchup between Nebraska and Colorado, with Nebraksa winning 40-41.  There were also some close games earlier today and it looks like Boise State and Fresno State is starting out real tight.  Lane Kiffin has a new job to be thankful for, with the offer from Tennessee coming through.  And I guess KC has something to be greatful for too, as it looks like Arrowead will host the Border War through 2012.  All in all a pretty darn good day if I say so myself.  Here’s this weeks picks:

Favored Spread Underdog Purple Yeti Cabbottmtf krizzou
Miss 18.5 MSSt Miss Miss N/A
BoSt 21 FrSt BoSt BoSt N/A
UGa 7.5 GT UGa GT N/A
Cinc 22 Syra Cinc Cinc N/A
Mo 16 Kan Kan Kan N/A
Fla 16.5 FLSt FLSt Fla N/A
BC 6.5 Md BC Md N/A
Ala 14.5 Aub Ala Aub N/A
TexT 21.5 Bay TexT Bay N/A
ORSt 3 Ore ORSt ORSt N/A
Okla 7 OKSt Okla OKSt N/A
      0 0 0

Whoops, it looks like in the midst of all of the Turkey and subsequent tryptophan coma, Krizzou forgot to fill in her picks for the week.  Too bad as it’s victory lap next week for Cabbottmtf.  The turkey trip left the door open for a potential come back for the Purple Yeti.  That said, Cabbottmtf and the Purple Yeti are split on 7 different games, so there’s a chance for a massive swing this weekend.  Keep you leftovers close, and your pumpkin pie closer.  This weekend ain’t over yet.