Gators Chomp on Sooners and The PurpleYeti Chomps on Bar Food

Congratulations go out to the Florida Gators as your BCS Champion! I’m a little bummed out because this Yeti was going for Oklahoma Sooners. It could have been worse. The game could have been a complete blowout. At least the Sooners kept the game close until the last couple minutes of the game. Also, congratulations go out to Wharfrats for picking smartly and going against the Sooners for the Bowl Pick ‘Em title. It was a let down Thursday night, but JJ’s Other Place kept me warm.

The BCS Title game started out as a defensive battle. Nobody expected that. A pair of matching passing touchdowns between Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford marked the first half, with two intercptions and one interception between them respectively. The second half saw a missed field goal by Oklahoma and a renewed running game from Tim Tebow. Tebow ran for and passed for a touchdown, while Bradford threw for a touchdown and tossed a costly interception toward the end of the game. Florida goes on to win 24 – 14.

The real turning point of the game was in the 2nd quarter when Oklahoma twice had the ball inside Florida’s 5 yard line and couldn’t punch it in, with a turnover on downs and an interception. Also, it seemed like on both turnover on downs for Oklahoma, they ran the same run play and the same right guard got beat for a loss on the play. As Jolly yelled out during the game, “Your scholarship is gone!”

After the big stops late in the 2nd quarter, Tim Tebow once again put the team on his shoulders in the 2nd half to carry Florida to the victory. Tebow didn’t really run in the 1st half, so when the Sooners tried to blitz Tebow on pass plays, Florida wide receivers cleared out the middle using deep outs so he could scramble for 10 – 15 yards. The Oklahoma Sooners really didn’t have an answer to Tebow’s running. They did keep it close, but the turnover on downs late in the game opened the door for Florida to go up 2 scores.

The game was rather entertaining. Nobody really called the defensive struggle that it would turn out to be except for this one LSU guy I heard on sports radio on the way home from work Thursday night. The team I wanted to win didn’t, but I was happy that it was close and thus great to watch. Let’s hope Bob Stoops can shake off his bowl stigma. And let’s hope that Urban Meyer cashes in a pay day and gets showered with Notre Dame money.

Enough of next year, we’ll talk about that later. To wrap up this year, I’d like to take the moment to congratulate Wharfrats on winning the Bowl Pick ‘Em Challenge. Everyone went with their head except me and because of that I actually dropped down the third. Oh well, I guess I let my love for the Big 12 get in the way of smarts. Here’s the final standings:

Rank Pick Set Points Correct Picks
1 Wharf Rats 387 20 of 34
2 Sasquatch Willy 368 22 of 34
3 Ron Prince Albert Got Canned 358 19 of 34
4 i choo choo choose you 351 19 of 34
5 Bowies In Space 349 20 of 34
6 B-Nutz 348 16 of 34
7 I Win! 328 19 of 34
8 Pat’s PIcks 325 18 of 34
9 Goobersinmynose 324 17 of 34
10 I Heart Bill Snyder’s Perineum 310 14 of 34
11 Crazy Train 295 16 of 34
12 Something else to kill time 279 15 of 34
13 M I Z – Z O U 278 17 of 34
14 Snyder for President 261 14 of 34
15 keltron3000 219 13 of 34
16 Hit it and Quit it 159 7 of 34

A big shout out goes to JJ’s Other Place. I may just make it a barspot for next year out of pure laziness but it does have many features that make it a pretty good bar to watch sports. Most of the game we rocked out the NTN Trivia. The pool tables were small but playable. They had a bar computer to log onto websites and check stats. Pretty cool. It’s not the best place, but perhaps when we do a barspot there, the improvements will show up.

As for the blog, look for some mascot reviews and some Big 12 news, like Jeremy Maclin declaring for the draft, to percolate on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I’ll probably poke in some K-State news and perhaps a year end review. It’s been a great year and I want to thank everybody for reading. The next football season promises to be even greater than this one and we’ll be out at the bars covering all the big snaps.