Mascot Monday: Trinity Christian Troll

Okay now we that we kicked off the mascot season last week with the Big 12’s Truman, we are going to take a swerve own over to wacky mascot land.  This week, we will feature a mascot that seems somewhat familiar, especially if you remember live action kid shows.  The Trinity Christian College Trolls truly has a unique mascot in its own, well, Troll.  They talk of the legend of the Troll around those parts and we’re going to dig down deeper. Um, dig deeper into the Troll hole, that is.

There’s two sides to the warted story.  The first details a 1959 acronym the students came up with for the college.  Yup, you take the ‘TR’ out Trinity, ‘OLL’ out of College, and the ‘S’ out of Students and you get Trolls.  The other recounts a one Dr. Peter Steen banging down the door of the College President and thumbing the Troll name out of the dictionary. Yes, God would need to give Trinity College the supernatural power the dictionary defined to help them win.  There were many sightings of the lovable oaf, but the college decided to redesign the guy in 1998, on the College’s 40th anniversary.

So let’s take a gander at this fella.  The Troll lives up to his big, huge, furry legend that’s for sure.  This type of mascot is more cartoon like, which makes sense as the Troll represents a Christian College.  He sports some sort of Shrek-like garb, complete with a massive belt and buckle.  The streaks of red all over his body hints at warts or some kind of acne, we’re not sure.  We’re definitely digging his hippie beard and floppy ears.  All in all, it’s a lovable happy little Troll.  It kind of reminds us of another bunch of lovable furry things.

That’s right, the Banana Splits!  For those of you old enough to remember, or young and rich enough to have a massive cable package, the Banana Splits we’re the brain child of Hanna-Barbera and Sid and Marty Krofft.  You see, kids liked cartoons back in the way and what better way to sell them sugary food than to present the cartoons in real life!  The Trinity College Troll looks to fit in perfectly with Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper, and Snorky.  Seriously, we’re jamming out to the theme song in our office right now.

Now generally we prefer the mean a fierce looking mascots over to cutesy type but we just can’t help ourselves.  The Trinity Christian College Troll has just enough cute factor to have us overlook the lacking display of strength.  Well, that plus we have that Banana Splits theme bouncing around in our heads.  Yeah, it’s not going away for a long, long, time.  So this week’s Mascot  Monday goes out to the Trinity Christian College Troll.  Thank you for bringing out the troll in each and every one of us.