Crib Sheet: Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

Cinco de Mayo not only brings the Mexican in everyone, but it also brings out another week of the Crib Sheet!  We’re going to celebrate by munching some nachos and busting open a pinata or two.  No cervesas here.  It’s a school day.  Or more importantly, it’s not a college football primetime night or a Saturday chock full of football.  On to this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • Mark Emmert is your new NCAA president, starting November 1.  He’ll have to deal with all of this expansion hullabaloo from the Big 10 as well as television and money deals.  This came as a shock to everyone as the former Washington guy is more progressive than the other counterparts considered for the position.
  • Speaking of the NCAA, they are making the schools come up with detailed plans on handling concussions after they recommended that they sideline players for the rest of the game if symptoms show up.  It’s great that they are being proactive on this medical issue now they need to put forth some effort on sickle cell disease.
  • In the case of blogging gone wild, the local Missouri run news crew let slip last week that Missouri to the Big 10 was a “done deal.”  The only problem, it was based on a 3rd person recount of talk overheard from a Pac 10 AD.  On a podcast!  Okay, so this expansion thing is going to rule the rest of the summer and we’ve had a lot of time to think about it.  Our thoughts about it will show up here eventually, but in the mean folks try not to jump on every little rumor.
  • FedEx dumped the Orange Bowl as a sponsor.  Who will take over the reigns?  We’re hoping UPS.  What can brown do for orange?  Sound good?  Right?
  • Joe Montana’s son, Nick, was looking good during Washington’s spring game.  Is it genes or head coach Steve Sarkisian?  Welp the coach is the former offensive coordinator during the national championship run of USC.  We’re going with coach.
  • Big East coaches are putting the pressure on Notre Dame to commit fully to the conference.  The basketball team plays there and now they want the football team.  The Fighting Irish is the pivot in the expansion talks.  They are the ones with their own national tv contract.  If the Big 10 was smart, they would pick up the national exposure and double down on the title game on NBC.