Pick It Standings Week 03: Another Round Down

So another week came through and we have the same story as last week.  Yup, the picks this week weren’t as good as the picks for the first week of Pick It and Stick It.  What does that mean?  It means that the 2nd lowest score drop takes effect next week.  All the standings are same except for JOOSE, who upped his points to a more respectable 370.  So the stage is set.  Movement will happen soon.  Check out the standings first:

Rank Pick Set Name Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Total Pts Dropped Pts
1 Sonny Boy Sweetcakes 495 333 386 495 719
2 NU = Benedict Arnold pussies 462 296 309 462 605
3 Snyder In Syder 461 289 293 461 582
4 forget to make the picks 446 208 342 446 550
5 Huskers all the way 444 347 376 444 723
6 krizzou 409 327 382 409 709
7 JOOSE 0 293 370 370 293

The interesting thing to check out is the ‘Dropped Pts’ column.  You’ll note that some of the competitors have a very high number for dropped points.  On the flip side, people like Snyder In Syder and forget to make the picks have a very low drop number.  This puts the latter competitors at a slight disadvantage.  They don’t have as much breathing room as Sonny Boy Sweetcakes and even Huskers all the way do.  That is, unless they forget to put picks in for a week.

So how did people fair?   JOOSE had a great showing but missed the pick on the Kansas choke job Friday.  NU = Benedict Arnold pussies went on a limb for the Duke pick against Alabama.  He also missed the Wake Forest pick over Stanford.  Forget the make the picks made it on the TCU over Baylor pick.  Sonny Boy Sweetcakes called Louisville covering the Oregeon State game.  Krizzou got UCLA and Colorado and Huskers all the way got Arizona.  It was a great week for single picks.  Tune in later this week as we start to sort out who actually makes great picks.