Stadiumspotting Has Hit the Lawrence Limit

Saturday was the third week in a row for Stadiumspottring and I can say that I’ve hit my limit.  I love going out to games, but when the majority is for a weak and rebuilding Kansas football team, it makes it real hard to go back for more.  The times were just different enough to make it stadiumspot worthy but I’m not sure I can hit up anything new until a bowl or Big 12 title game.  I again enjoyed all that Lawrence has to offer, as well as the typical company sponsored feast.  What put it over the top for me was hanging out on Mass street.

Waking up Saturday morning I couldn’t help but think that it was a “Been there, Done that” type of feeling.  The previous Thursday saw me hit up L-Town with all that I could muster.  Saturday, however, was a day without work and a day to take in more than a quick pounding at the football stadium.  Let me tell you, I did that plus more and made out like a champ.  Football was had for just a bit and the college town was all the rage.

Me and my young lady met up with her work friends early Saturday and all rode out to a non-work sponsored pre-party for all the Kansas Homecoming shenanigans.  For us it was a real treat as we hung out at a bach-pad above Pepper Jax right off the main drag that is Massachusetts Street.  Before we went up there, we nabbed some tasty fries and a condiment selection that rivaled Fuddruckers.  Oh boy, the Au Jus made the fries multiply in tastiness.

We rolled upstairs to the apartment and did our best college impersonation.  Bad chips with dip, shots, and creative drink mixes went all around as we did our best to relive college life.  For me, it was the chocolate and alcohol infused whipped topping that put it over the top.  We drank our drinks, got to know everyone, and made our way out to the stadium tent.  The trek was much longer than last week and we needed jaunt to re-up our football watching juices.

The company sponsored tent sported more than mediocre bbq as the beer selection went from domestic to local to micro/main brew.  I started off with some Boulevard Wheat, tasted some Samuel Adams Lager, and finished off with some Miller Lite via wicked Vortex bottle T.M.  The food was nothing to shake a stick at and I’m glad I was prepared tastebud-wise to handle to bland onslaught.  Speaking of onslaught, we actually tried to watch a game.

The seats were the best of the year so far for me and my pretty lady.  Too bad it did not make Kansas look any better.  Texas A&M took control early and never let go.  Apparently Mike Sherman went with a two quarterback scheme but I couldn’t tell from all of the points scored.  The 2nd quarter hit the midway mark and we made our way out of the stadium.  That’s the beauty of company sponsored events.  You can skip a terrible game to network with peeps back at the tent.

So we did our networking then made our bus way to Mass. Street.  The legend that is Mass. Street was in full effect as we toured a Mexican joint, full of great food and Dos Equis Amber and what-not, and ended up at the historic Jazzhaus.  If you haven’t been, it’s the best place to catch a live, up and coming act.  I lucked out as well because the Missouri vs Oklahoma game was on one of the screens there.  Good job to the Tigers and I hope they can keep the Big Mo through the Big 12 title game.

We spent the  rest of our night there and made our way back to Kansas City.  There are times when a college needs to support piss-poor performances from the football team.  Lawrence is one of the top schools that can show you a good time regardless of how well the football team does.  I and the rest of my crew certainly got the most the town has to offer.  If we ever get conned into going to another game on the road, we’ll know that the bar is now raised in terms of things to do outside of football.  Thank you, Lawrence, Kansas.