Twitter Halftime Show for 2010-10-31

  • Stadiumspotting did the dance in Lawrence again Saturday. Read More! #
  • Pick It Standings are out just in time for our hangover recovery. Read on and turn off the lights! #
  • Get your pumpkin fill here, the Crib Sheet as all of your spicy college football news! #
  • Barspotting is back and back at the Brooksider! Come on out! #
  • Pick It and Stick It: It Hardens When It Gets Cold. Put a coat on! #
  • GameDay: It's A Playoff Every Week. And that's they way we like it #
  • We showed up at the @brooksidet and they do not make the fried bologna on toast anymore. Dangit #
  • Okay this one is over. Congrats #oklahomestate Now bring not the tigers and cornhuskers! #
  • Wow I guess we'll see if Missouri will come back from the shock #

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