The Brooksider Let Us Down

So I’m sitting here on Halloween Sunday watching  a bit of The Evil Dead and I wished that I was doing that yesterday instead of hanging out at the Brooksider.  The former barspot of the year is on the last lap of some renovations and the changes were not all for the good.  Me and my crew headed out there for some Missouri and Nebraska action and we went away with a let down feeling in our stomach.  The feeling was both for the game and the bar.

I’ve covered the Brooksider a couple of times on the blog before and I have to say it was great times.  The food was spectacular, the service was attractive, and the games were plentiful.   Walking in to the joint Saturday felt like walking into a whole different bar.  I know they knocked out the middle wall, but I didn’t realize when they went over some renovations that they would move the stage across the whole bar.  Not only that, but they also moved the right hand bar to the corner and got rid of the games.  But that wasn’t all of the changes.

I realize that during renovations, one would need to make temporary accommodations for things, but moving the bathrooms to a trailer outback is ridiculous.  That said, the patio out back is one of beauty.  There is an extra bar and some great seating for the smokers.  I tried to hit up downstairs but the manager guy yelled at me as it was closed during the day.  No matter, I went back to my table and settled into the old but new Brooksider.

Service-wise, the change was not for the better.  The staff had its various talents, ranging from nice legs to a great upper body, but none of the talents fell into providing great customer service.  Some of us at the table had to ask for a menu more than three times to get it.  Granted it was hard to do with 3 different servers asking us if we needed anything.  The specials they did have advertised that it lasted all day but when we asked they said it was only for the evening.  Heck, even the menu item I wanted for the pairing wasn’t available because nobody ordered it anymore.  I could go on but I won’t, the service was just terrible.

So, moving on to the food,  let’s talk about Mac N’ Cheese wedges.  Once again, the food came through as the wedges whetted my appetite and laid the groundwork for the massive Brooksider Burger.  Two massive patties with provolone and a couple of fries with ranch dressing made this guy mega happy food wise.  The Dos Equis draft was a great choice for the pairing as its light and round flavor wrapped gently with the off-setting cheese flavor that came with burger.  We had tons of meat and this mexican delight washed it down with pleasure.

I’m a reasonable guy, I can forgive some awful things as long as it doesn’t distract from my main intentions.  The intention Saturday was to watch Missouri take on Nebraska, with a side order of Iowa hosting Michigan State.  We got the main course, but for some reason we were denied the side dish.  The Brooksider is famous for having a ton televisions and it came through once again.  With as many television, chances are we could watch more than one game.  Not Saturday, all of the televisions in the main bar sported Missouri vs Nebraska.  There was no Iowa vs Michigan State.

Looking back, it was a good thing.  Iowa handled Michigan State pretty well and now we have no national title contender from the Big 10.  In other football games, we watched Tulsa hand one out to Notre Dame in what I guess was an upset.  Virginia hosted Miami of Florida and beat them as well. The stage was set for the home teams winning most of the games and it followed through with our game of the week.

Right at the opening kick off, not only were we denied the Iowa and Michigan game on just one of the many television screens, but we were denied any real play from the Missouri Tigers.  Four and out and a punt led to a one play Roy Helu Jr. touchdown run for Nebraska.  After a couple of other lopsided plays, Nebraska was up 24-0 at the end of the first quarter.  Missouri settled down and slowed the Huskers, but it was all that Nebraska needed to hold onto the victory.  The big time program proved itself again while the wanna-be program played their part as well.  I kinda think karma was at play, too, with the bad service at the Missouri friendly Brooksider.

So it was not to be had for Missouri Saturday and it was not to be had for us at the Brooksider.  Seriously, the Brooksider was our number one place and they let us down big time.  Missouri had the let down on the field against Nebraska.  It was not a good day for being on the Missouri side of the border.  If you want to go out and have a good time, we have to say think twice about going to the Brooksider.  Fortunately for me, no kids showed up tonight and I’m gnawing my way through a bounty of candy and horror movies.