Crib Sheet: Now I Know Why It’s Burnt Orange

So yes, a Big 12 North guy is now in the heart of most of the North’s rivals, Texas.   I moved down here for the job and got the side benefits of being in the belly of the football beast.  Granted there’s no more North or South, but I do get tout my Kansas State pride a little more because of the recent record we’ve had against them.  Back to my point.  The Longhorns are burnt orange color because that’s what the grass looks like most of the time.  It’s either wildfires, winter, or both.  It’s a good think this week’s Crib Sheet is inflammable:

  • College football grows larger in the next 4 years, with 25 schools instituting football programs.  I for one welcome each new team, because for every new couple of teams we get a better chance of having a bowl team without a losing record.
  • I kind of skipped North Carolina last week, but I’ll be damned if PTI didn’t bring it up and put me to shame.  The NCAA sent them a notice of allegations, including lying coaches, cash for players, and a failure to monitor social media activity.  How can a school keep up with social media?  This will more than likely lead schools to ban social media altogether for student athletes.  Here’s the list of players who had over $13,185 in parking tickets.
  • Oklahoma State will be building an indoor practice facility.  The Cowboys are the last school in the Big 12 that do not have one.  It’s nice to see they are catching up to the times.  This might help push them over the top and take a Big 12 title home.
  • While the rest of the school gets ready to atone for their screw ups, Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee atoned for his and honored the Little Sisters of the Poor for their 125 year service of helping others.  If things to slow down for the athletic department, they might be kicked out of bowls for 125 years.
  • While Gee was trying to save face, it seems the board of trustees for Ohio State met in secret to discuss the issues with the athletic department.  The only problem, they might have broken a law too.  It seems it’s against the law for public figures to hold meetings in private.  That said, they will make it official and review the whole damn department.  Heads will roll, folks.  Heads will roll.
  • It’s nice to know whenever I go to Pakistan, I can now hang out in a Texas Longhorn themed sports bar.  I’m not sure I’d go all the way over there for a barspot.  You’d have to convince me first that the waitresses would not be wearing burkas.
  • Oklahoma’s assistant coaches all got an extra $25K for their BCS bowl appearance.  Good for them.  And good for Bob Stoops for flipping some love to his assistants.  He doesn’t need the extra money.
  • Iowa State frosh DeVondrick Nealy is now a suspended player for not playing nicely with the police.  Yeah, they stopped him from shooting stuff with a BB gun, but he dumbed off and tried to walk away.  He should be reinstated after time but he’ll need to learn to be a little more respectful first.
  • Former USC stand out Lonnie White admitted he took illicit benefits too.  Except it happened from 1982 to 1986.  It just goes to show that this kind of stuff has been happening forever.  I blame Twitter for it getting leaked so much.
  • Oregon hired “The Cleaner.” No, not some mob crime washer type dude, but Michael Glazier.  Glazier works for a law firm that is well known for helping out athletic departments who have had NCAA allegations.  ALthough I bet he has done some of the other stuff.
  • Marquise Goodwin won the long jump for the USA Track and Field Championships over the weekend.  Oh, he also starts for Texas.  Chances are he may miss the opener on Labor Day too if he competes in the world track championships.  Decisions decisions.
  • The Fiesta Bowl is still asking for cash back from Arizona politicians who got the freebies across the years.  Okay, so they asked them to explain themselves first.  Still, the Fiesta Bowl is still trying to find ways to get freebies back.  Let it go, people.