Pick It and Stick It: Bye Bye Love

It’s a little late but why the hell not.  I’m going to dump out another Pick It and Stick It.  It’s a bye week for Kansas State and this week’s games are hardly that interesting.  But I poked and prodded around and found a couple of good reasons to flap my gums about the weekend’s games.   Much to no one’s surprise, the games I’m into this weekend are from the Big 12.

Sure I could go on about the hot top 25 match up between Big 10 horses Ohio State and Michigan State, but let’s face it.  It will end with little fan fare and no real determination toward the Big 10 title race.  Around the rest of college football looks to be a snoozer too.  Sure there could be some upsets snuck in there (I’m looking at you, Florida State) but chances are no real change will happen.  So let’s look at the Big 12.

The biggest game on the slate is Baylor vs West Virginia. Yes, we are staring straight down the barrel of West Virginia’s Big 12 debut and boy let me tell you it will be quite the shoot out.  West Virginia beat Maryland last week but it was way closer than expected.  They might have some trouble against Baylor and I fully expect this one to put at least 90 points total up on the board.  Classic Big 12 right there.

Woo wee next up is another classic in Texas Tech at Iowa State.  What you say?  Yup.  Don’t look now but both teams are undefeated and Saturday night’s match up will determine really if one of those two are locks for a bowl game this year.  Putting on my purple glasses for a second, I would say that perhaps Texas Tech winning would be better for the Wildcats.  Only because it would put the spirits down just close enough for Kansas State to sneak out Ames with a win in two weeks.  I’m that scared of Paul Rhoads.  Plus, the Red Raiders usually trip up themselves against Kansas State anyway.

Lastly we have Texas at Oklahoma State.  I would say that since Texas is up on the rise big time and Oklahoma State has an injured true freshman quarterback that this one is a no brainer, but we just found out that the Longhorns are out two defensive starters, including a dude on the touted defensive line.  So is it enough to keep the Cowboys in the game?  I’m tuning in to find out.  I half think that Texas might crumble because they haven’t really played anybody yet, but again it’s a rebuilding Oklahoma State and David Ash looks like an honest to goodness quarterback.

That’s the weekend ahead for me.  I blew over the Baylor game because I will miss half of it.  It won’t stop me from picking who will win and sticking with it.  Let’s see here. so for that first game, I think that West Virginia will eek the track meet out.  It is the first Big 12 game for them but Baylor has been abstotutely terrible on the road and we’ll see it again.  Texas Tech and Iowa State are a toss up for me.  Much to my chagrin, I will go with Iowa State because I want another post game speech.  Finally, Texas will just out power Oklahoma State.  They are gelling as an offensive unit and it’s getting scary.  It’s a bye week for my team but not bye bye for college football.