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Crib Sheet: I Feel A Draft in Here

Welcome to this week’s Crib Sheet where we give you wall to wall coverage of the NFL Draft!  Well, maybe not.  This post will be about as much as we will put into the pros and their cherry picking of primo college talent.  After this weekend, college football reloads and we are one more week closer to the start of the best sport ever.  No, not the National Football League, but college football!  So kick back, relax, and enjoy some Crib Sheet tastiness:

  • No more fun for you football players out there!  No more hidden shout outs on your black eye tap!  No more wedge blocks?  Okay, so the NCAA approved a couple of rules that tightens taunting on touchdown plays and removing points from the board, restricts players from putting messages on their black eye tape, and making the wedge block on kick offs illegal.  Um, where did all of the fun go?  If they were concerned about player safety or individuality like the pros, then they should pay them like a pro.
  • Chris Harper, the Oregon transfer, is pumped to switch to full time wide receiver for Kansas State.  Back at Oregon, he tried to fulfill his dream of being quarterback and played a dual threat role.  Ever since the Bill Snyder 2.0 coaches pulled him aside and said he could pull pro money if he went full time receiver, he’s been catching balls and being content.  All it takes is the potential of major cash to change some one’s mind.  America!
  • Welp, Mike Leach’s attorneys finally filed a lawsuit claiming his firing was all a big conspiracy.  This was pretty much expected, unlike his firing.  Isn’t he in Key West?  Is he really in a hurry to get back to coaching?  Maybe the pirate is trying to pilfer and plunder a couple of extra gold coins here.
  • Boise State will replace their beloved blue turf for ….. more blue turf!  The glare from the light reflecting from the turf bothered everyone in the stands.  The blue field itself still bothers us on the television.  What could’ve been an advantage over opposing teams may seem like dressing for their rumored top 3 debut in the BCS Standings later this year.
  • Former Kansas State quarterback Dylan Meier died in a hiking accident in Arkansas.  He was the quarterback from 2002-06.  Our condolences go out this his family and friends.
  • McFarlane Toys will be coming out with some college football themed action figures.   This is their second time around with this idea.  The idea is to take big NFL stars and showcase them in action from their college days.  So far there hasn’t been a Big 12 player immortalized in toy form yet, but we like the Drew Brees one alot.