Football Slumbers, but Life goes on. . .

Ruling Out Rugby at an Early Age

So in the offseason there is Life.  

It is hard to recognize without the Saturday morning Tailgate parties or the Sunday morning hangovers, but life does go on.  As time passes so changes how we deal with our off-season.  Some of us have gained responsibilities in life, others of us continue to live in the past.  For those of us who have seen our lives revolve into one big stress-ball of responsibility, the coming of football season is a welcome sight along the horizon.

 I must admit, I do not read the Athlon magazine articles about each team in the NCAA, or even the Big 12 for that matter, but I still feel like I have the same level of excitement as I had in my pre-life-happens years.  I may not have the same level of intensity, that leads to shouting matches over who will win what league, or who deserves a chance at the national championship, but get a few beers in me and you may recognize that person. 

Football seasons and the ambience that comes with each season needs to be savored.  Whether you watch football at a sports bar with some good buddies, at the sporting event live, or at home with your own children there are always things to take away from that experience.  Obviously some are more fun to read about then others, but they all tell a story about an American Sports Fan that can still remember the days in little league where there was a winner and a loser.

I will try to capture these events in writing and pictures and pass them along to you, often times because I am bored, but perhaps also in hope that there are others out there that too are living the dream that is an American Sports Fan.  You will quickly notice that I will tend to lean on the side of political incorrectness and choose sides more times than not – especially in football (my political background has yet to be laid). 

So, as my life in Salina (Part Deux) continues, feel free to read my quick bits on football viewing in the household, or my gameday excursions to Manhattan, or my attempt to find a sports bar in the land of few.

Final Food for Thought:  If there is already one of me, and I am successfully developing new little mes, than I don’t care what CNN says, the Good Guys are winning!

Kool Kat