Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough (Football)

It’s time to dust off the beertube, fire up the computer, and get the nacho cheese pot a boilin’ because it’s time for another year of college football and the KCCGD blog!  It’s been quiet on the site in the offseason, but there have been some big moves.  Is it the same league? Who cares!  We’re hitting the bars and colleges and having fun the whole time.

Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
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First off, I want to point that site improvements are coming.  I was gonna do it in the offseason but I had too many fish tacos.  Look for an interface refresh as well as some features I have cooking.  Also, we’re compiling the barspotting list so if you have any susggestions email it in to [email protected].  We are also looking at adding more content to help move this midwest football fanfest on higher.

There were plenty of big moves in the off season, including Rich Rodrieguez going to Michigan and Bo Pelini coming back home to Nebraska.  But the biggest news of all, and quite the shocker, was Joe Bob Clements heading across the state to be KU’s newest defensive line coach.  I remember yelling at the top of my lungs, “JOE BOB” everytime he nailed the quaterback for a sack.  After I discovered that he went to the dark side, I feel real dirty.  Still do.

When Joe Bob Turncoat was racking up sacks for the purple and white, defense was the name of the game for the Wildcats as it was for the rest of the Big 12.  My, have the times changed.  Defense left town and took the kids and now we have the flashy good looks of west coast offenses showing up at the front door.  You know things are weirded up when Texas Tech is rumored to be in the hunt.

The cheap perfume smelling offense isn’t the only change we’re witnessing in the Big 12.  Somehow, the North rose from the ashes and took its place as the dominant force in the conference.  Partly because of KU’s easy breezy cover spread schedule, but also because of Texas limp horns showing in all of its glory.  Granted KU went legit with an Orange Bowl bouncing of Virginia Tech, but momentum was clearly on their side.  I expect this trend to continue with the Buffalos actually putting together a decent team and the Cornhuskers taking it in the Bo Hole for a return to tradition.  It feels good to be superior to the south in football as well as geography.

So what’s coming up from KCCGD land?  I’ve scrambled some notes together and have a couple of reports to talk about in preview of the season.  I’ll be talking about the Athlon Big 12 Preview trip, the media day shenanigans, and a K-State preview that will erase any memory of Joe Bob from your mind.  Also look for some stuff returning and new rabble rousers around here.  Until then, snap down the helmet and get ready to hit it!