Kansas Talent Caged To KU, What Up Ron?

Cat’s Meow No More, EPIC FAIL

So Jeff Martin wrote a piece today in the KC Star stating the obvious:  K-State recruiting is hurting bad, especially in state.  The article talks about how all of the in state talent is heading to Jayhawk country or out of state.  They even had Jeremy Crabtree from Rivals.com come out and say the same thing.  So yup, Ron Prince is riding the JUCO train now.   Nothing wrong with that, right?

I’m not so sure.  Prince was quoted as focusing on in state talent at the beginning of his tenure and then he double backed on his words by preaching the balance of in state and JUCO kids.  Maybe that’s why some recruits ran away, like Chris Harper.  His family didn’t trust Ron and he moved to Oregon.  Is he talking the talk and not walking the stomp?  What’s up?

I understand that when you’re losing you need to bring in talent wherever you can get it.  But when you talk about bringing in the in state kids and not following through on that, you will lose credibility.  Nobody expected KU to do so well and the Wildcats will have to deal with that but if the recruits don’t trust the coach then what does that say about the talent on the field?  So far, not so much.

The knife in the eye from the piece was Harper stating that he was open to going to K-State if  Snyder was there.  Double Ouch.