Pick It and Stick It: WTF Just Happened?!?!?!

So I’m sitting over at a friend’s house rocking out and ruling some Scene It.  Welp, the host’s wife passed out and it was time to go.  Driving away from there I popped the game on the radio and JT the Brick was yammering on about how USC is not showing up.  Welp in between his actual show, they were dropping in updates to USC vs Oregon State game.  I came into with about 10 minutes to go into the game and USC down 7 with the ball on their 5 yard line.   Here’s this week’s picks first:

Favored Spread Underdog krizzou Cabbottmtf Purple Yeti
OHSt 18 Minn OHSt OHSt Minn
Clem 11 Md Clem Md Clem
Fla 22.5 Miss Miss Miss Fla
Wis 6 Mich Mich Wis Wis
Tex 27.5 Ark Tex Tex Ark
FrSt 6.5 UCLA UCLA FrSt FrSt
Aub 6.5 Tenn Aub Aub Aub
Wake 16 Navy Navy Wake Wake
Okla 18.5 TCU Okla Okla Okla
SFla 8.5 NCSt NCSt SFla SFla
UGa 7 Ala UGa Ala UGa
Utah Off (0) Webr Utah Utah Utah
PSU 14.5 Ill Ill Ill PSU
0 0 0

So yeah, I couldn’t take it anymore and rode over the JJ’s to catch the end of the game. We all know what happened after that. Sanchez came up short and Carroll’s team was not prepared. The strange thing was no one was prepared to watch that game last night. There were maybe 5 people at the bar and most folks I talked to didn’t hear about the game until this morning. What does that mean? 1) On any given Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday a team can lose and 2) We’re gonna see college games every day of the week on ESPN because much of the great games this year happened on a weekday. College football everyday (well except Sunday)? It’s a dream come true.