Ugly Joe’s And Jack’s And Jane’s With Stupid Shocking Games

Ugly Joe’s

Another stunning week of college football flew by and we here are the KCCGD spent most of the day just recovering.  Apparently the football gods forgot to tell the teams that upsets are supposed to happen one or two times per week.  What wasn’t very upsetting was our time with the folks at Ugly Joe’s.  Krizzou, Jolly, Tyson,  and company helped make this barspot one to remember.  So let’s piece together what happened.

It’s football watching time!

Ugly Joe’s former branded name was Fuzzy’s South, but much of the legend kept up with the change.  Walking in, you are treated to a major display of flat screen televisions and 6 huge ass (or 96 inch wide) HD projection screens.  Sitting down, you can appreciate how they arranged the high table and stools for maximum viewing angles and pleasure.  Needless to say, the Yeti was impressed with the well thought out TV and table setup.

Lots of gamesTom Watson IS art

If watching sports aren’t your thing, then they accomidate completely in the bar game arena.  Golden Tee, Bowling, Keno, Trivia, Darts, Billiards, and even a boxing/punch game are ready to be abused.  Even the motivational painting of Tom Watson helped when deciding what to do.  If they squeezed a foosball table and a shuffleboard table then I would say that Ugly Joe’s is bar game valhalla.  That’s right, no inclusion of Bags.

Tasty Wings

I wouldn’t call the waitresses bags at Ugly Joe’s as they we far from ugly and just about plain jane.  They were prompt with drinks and food though and the wings with 4 dipping saucing filled my belly well.  On top of all of that, there was a promotion for the Sprint race at the bar and we were treated to promo babes giving away free schwag.  The bandana and shirt (which I’m wearing right now) was nice, but the Jackarita was a super treat.  Simply put, it’s a margarita mix and Jack Daniel’s.  In fact, there were so many Jack Daniel’s promo schwag hanging that I started calling the place Ugly Jack’s.

My buddy Tim was down from Iowa, so there was no jacking around with our viewing schedule of football for the day.  Unfortunately for him, Iowa lost to conference compatriot Northwestern.  Much of the rest of the schedule consisted of upset after upset.  I guess everyone followed USC’s lead when, in top 25 order, Houston beat 23rd East Carolina, Maryland beat 20th Clemson, Navy beat 16th Wake Forest, Michigan (much to Jolly’s delight) beat 9th Wisconsin, and Mississippi beat 4th Florida, and 8th Alabama beat 3rd Georgia.  Now the last upset was not so bad, but the others go to show that parity is alive across all conference boards and I now believe that every single college football game must be watched because it’s confirmed that anything can happen.

(Note: The last time I saw this guy was when KSU rolled Texas again and his before/after takes were priceless, so I’m giving him some props now)

There was nothing happening viewing wise for the Big 12.  Texas was on one of the screens whupping up on SWC rival Arkansas in the make up game from the Hurricane Ike troubles.  That’s about all I saw.  Kansas State handled Louisiana-Lafeyette in a way too close matter of 45-37.  The Wildcats gave up another 335 yards rushing on the ground and over 500 total for the game.  It’s going to be a low year for the cats in conference play.  I didn’t see Virginia Tech walk into Nebraska and beat them 35-30 as I was at a tasty BBQ event, but all that I can say is that Nebraska is just not there yet.

There is still residue shock left on my mind from week 5 of college football.  Just when you thought the excitement all took place on a school night, Saturday rolled around and kicked me in the pants.  The Jackarita helped numb the pain and the overall sport watching catering at Ugly Jack’s helped even more.  One note that’s bringing me back to normal is seeing 3 teams from the Big 12 in the top 5.  Although I’m sure that it will be jacked up agian real soon.