Salty Tasting Kite’s And Purple Yeti Yapping

Kite’s Outside

The alumni crew were coming out of the woodwork for the week’s blogspot. Mucho mojo was needed to help push K-State over Texas Tech and going to the Manhattan homestead of Kite’s (or at least the KC Area version) was part of the mix. We were definitely intent on reliving the magic of college as well as the magic of last year’s blogspot with K-State over Texas. What we learned, however, was a controversy that must be addressed with a call to action to K-State fans everywhere. We’re bringing the SALT this week so here we go:


As I’m sure you’ve heard many times already, Kite’s used to be Rusty’s Last Chance. I guess a name change was afoot and the place showed similar, but smaller, changes. There were a massive of amount of HD flat screens around as it seems they added more from last time. The sound system, was crisp, especially after hearing the K-State fight song. I keep railing on about how awesome the patio is. You can chill outside and with the garage doors open, watch games with good view.


The service ended up being weak but that’s more the Yeti’s fault than anything else. The games were standard with Golden Tee, Bowling, Buck Hunter, Darts, and a weird looking Star Wars Episode I pinball machine. One of the things I discovered in this blog is that I am teetering on sports bar snoobery. It showed too, as I was requesting (almost demanding) the Big 12 games on the TV, among other things. Maybe this squatch could use to charming classes. The more charming part of Kite’s was the free popcorn. Now it was tasty by itself, but you had the choice of sprinkling on kettle, ranch, nacho cheese, butter, and I think lardo bacon salt to flavor the corn. The pic had nacho cheese and ranch salt. Tasty.

Kite’s TV

For the games, I really didn’t get a chance to watch much outside of area conference play. Apparently the expected teams in the Big 10 all won, with Ohio State eeking out a victory against Wisconsin. Congrats goes to Vanderbilt, however as they went 5-0 for the first time in forever as they snookered off Auburn. Look out SEC.Much of the gamage was focused directly on the Big 12’s kick off weekend. What we discovered was that the rankings held up across the board. The ranked teams dissed the unranked ones. Congrats goes to Mizzou for shaking the road monkey off of their back in rolling Nebraska. I think Bo Pelini is competing with Mike Shanahan in the reddest faced coach ever. KU somehow magically overcame the trap-friendly Iowa State Cyclones, beating out a 20 point half time deficit.

K-State, as somewhat noted above, did not trap the crafty Red Raiders of the Texas Tech. Simply put, Texas Tech’s offense outmatched K-State’s. Methinks it was due to the still raw looking Josh Freeman. The team rides on his back and it looks like he’ll be sticking it out another year to polish up his beginning to be over-hyped NFL career. The game was without controversy, however, as KCCGD correspondent pointed out that the website still calls Bill Snyder Family Stadium KSU Stadium! He suggested and I agreed for a call to arms and many an email to and stopping this travesty. The television portion is updated, why not the website?

The site at Kite’s is really quite the marvel. You can go there and enjoy some great games and even not so great K-State games. Even though they lost the beer tubes, the popcorn-u-copia more than makes up for the absence. Upsets were not in the air, however but at least KU, Ohio State, and Vandy made it entertaining. Again, please email and yell, no, ROAR at their website for still displaying the long forgotten KSU Stadium name. Well it’s about a year or two old but that counts.