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Scoreboards Sent Us Home Alive but Hurting

We did our best to avoid the blast impact of Farmegeddon 2009 and with your help we landed in the bunker that is Scoreboards Bar vs Grille. Scoreboards tucked us away very quietly while we watched the action exploding on the screens. In times of catastrophe, one can’t be concerned of amenities. They must be concerned for survival. Well, we survived Scoreboards. From patching together tvs, to working with outdated accommodations, we walked out of disaster with no scratches and sore backs. Hey at least the food exceeded our expectations of canned beans and cracker jacks.

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Barspotting: Johnny’s Tavern Tries to Save the P&L

Johnnys Tavern

This week we’re going back to the Power & Light District and more specifically Johnny’s Tavern.  One of the other overly expensive bars there closed downand Johnny’s swooped in to take the torch.  Now, we aren’t fans of the P&L, especially for sports, but we want to give Johnny’s Tavern a chance to totally save the day.  Johnny’s Tavern is a namesake dedicated to sports bars, especially for the Kansas fans out there.  So we’re sure they will make a decent attempt of fielding a proper sports bar Downtown.  We’ve been to a different Johnny’s before so we are pretty sure we’re gonna have a good time.  See you there.

When: Saturday, September 12 2009
Time: 12:00 pm-ish (we’ll try to make the rivalry)
Where: Johnny’s Tavern in the Power and Light District. 1310 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64106 816.268.2260

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The second week of college football has calmed down a bit.  We needed it too, last weekend was a huge blast off and we need to clean the ash off our faces.  This week is not without its sparklers, however.  The Cy-Hawk Trophy is up for grabs again in the great Iowa vs Iowa State rivalry.  It’s also been a long time since college football was as pumped as it is this year for the Michigan vs Notre Dame game.  The only Top 25 meeting is USC vs Ohio State and it should be epic.  The rest of the Big 12 looks like mop up work, but don’t be surprised if a few more upsets come that way.  We’re looking at you Colorado and Kansas State.  Anyway, it should be fun and we hope to see you out this weekend.

For what it’s worth, here’s the result of poll from the Facebook Fan page.  Next week’s poll should be up alot earlier next week.


Crib Sheet: Licking Our Wounds

tiger licking

We made it through the first week of college football, but not without some bumps and bruises.  Injuries were all over the news in the last week, including the Purple Yeti’s back issue.  Fortunately he has a myriad of pills to numb any pain.  Oklahoma Sooners fans are probably still numbed from last Saturday’s upset loss.   So we will dedicate this week’s Crib Sheet to recovering from any mental and physical injuries.  5 out 7 doctors agree the Crib Sheet has soothing properties.  Kick back, relax, and enjoy:

Big 12 Preview 2009


Most folks outside of the midwest believe that the Big 12 Conference is 2nd nationally amongst conferences in terms of football strength.  Much of the talk points toward the Big 12 South.  As we roll into the 2009 season, we find some teams reloaded, some teams are out of ammo, and the rest either misfired or are shooting blanks.  We’re gonna see where they all stack up and how they will finish in 2009, according the Purple Yeti’s crystal ball.  There are some shifts in power, but the top stack will stay the same and most of the close calls will still be close.  Hopefully the crystal ball pulls through.

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The Crib Sheet: The Light at the End of the Rain Tunnel


Record heat flies by and the next thing you know, a tropical storm drops in outta no where.  The rain was swirling from all directions and it almost seemed like a tornado or hurricane was brewing right over Kansas City.  I snapped a couple of pics to document the torrential rain.   It looks like the light is at the end of the storm.  That’s where we are at in college football.  We still must weather the baseball season, but basketball and hockey is over.   There’s still some storms a brewin’, especially in Manhattan, but we know we are getting ever so closer.  Here’s this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • Social Networking is big here at the KCCGD which is why it’s great to see stuff like Darius Darks of Iowa State using Facebook to garner support for the him and the team.  We’re surprised we don’t see official football pages on facebook now and hope that some schools pick it up for the future.
  • Former Alabama Crimson Tide coach Bill Curry will play his former team in 2010 as the head coach for the first year program Georgia State.  It’s always good to see former coaches go against their team.  Chances are this game will be out of hand, but an upset would be nice.
  • Iowa offensive linemen Kyle Calloway got the hook from the cops for tooling around town on a moped while intoxicated.  So Kyle will lose a game and get some counselling for running into a barricade on the little bike.  The image of a big drunk linemen on a tiny moped is hilarious.  Kids:  don’t do that at home.
  • So after the Ron Prince debacle, it seems another former official for the K-State athletic department is getting a sweet deal.  Pile that on top of a nasty audit, and what we have here is a good ole fashion free for all in Manhattan.  The Purple Yeti will be clutching his checkbook tightly for the next year or two until this gets settled.
  • Help William & Mary find a new mascot!  Since April 1 they’ve been taking submissions and it’s growing everyday.  As we’re sure you know about the Mascot Monday here and how mascots are near and dear to our hearts.  Take part and let’s see who wins!  I’m voting for the question mark.

Mascot Monday: Cy


March Madness continues here as we just got finished here at the KCCGD headquarters reading up on who got in and who bubbled out in the NCAA Tournament.   In celebration of this anti-climatic event, we’ll turn our focus this week to a school which lacked success both on the basketball court and the football for a long time now.  Cy the Cyclone from Iowa State has a major job in lifting the school spirit of a university who continues to fumble around its athletics.  We learn some about Cy’s history and his recent success.  We also wonder how amalgamations work in mascotdom.

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Small Time Jaywalkers for Big Time Fun

Another week of football and there wasn’t much to choose from Top 25 wise.  At least rivalry week kept the competitive juices flowing.  And per the Yeti’s lady’s suggestion, we were letting the juices flow at Jaywalkers.  It was an all day affair with a college like air, and we took full advantage of all they had to offer.  What hoped to be a great day of football turned into a great day of hanging out at the bar.
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Tumblweeds a Rollin’ and Arizona’s a Blowin’ for Some Wild Midwest Action

Arizona’s Neighborhood Grille & Bar

In the haze of a mid October sun, the KCCGD wagon train rolled up to the wild west of Shawnee, Kansas to watch some ball at Arizona’s Neighborhood Grille and Bar.  The rustic setting of the place provided a decent setting for the shootout that was to become.  There were some disappointments for the day, including the saloon we witnessed them in.  But we buckled down, circled the wagons, and set up post for some college football.
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Salty Tasting Kite’s And Purple Yeti Yapping

Kite’s Outside

The alumni crew were coming out of the woodwork for the week’s blogspot. Mucho mojo was needed to help push K-State over Texas Tech and going to the Manhattan homestead of Kite’s (or at least the KC Area version) was part of the mix. We were definitely intent on reliving the magic of college as well as the magic of last year’s blogspot with K-State over Texas. What we learned, however, was a controversy that must be addressed with a call to action to K-State fans everywhere. We’re bringing the SALT this week so here we go:
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Pick It Standings Week 3: I Thought Baseball Season Was Over

Here’s the updates to the pick it and stick it set. The picks were more even this week as things are beginning to iron out in the top 25. Still, there may be some upsets lurking here and there. There’s also the matter of the special rescheduled match up of the rated Texas Longhorns and Arkansas Razorbacks. I’ll tell you right now: Hook ’em Horns!

Rank Pick Set Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Total
1 Cabbottmtf 17 11 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 37
2 Krizzou 16 12 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 36
3 Purple Yeti 14 10 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 32

Okay, so I know the SEC has about 5 teams in the top 10 but what’s up with the Auburn vs Mississippi St game?

Chris Todd pitched a complete game and so did Wesley Carroll in a losing effort. I could find any stats as I’m wondering how my hitting did on my College Football Baseball Fantasy Team performed. What I did find is a history of 3-2 scores in College Football. Note the epic battles of Kansas State versus Iowa State in the 1920’s with the Cykes winning both struggles. I wonder if we’ll see that at Arrowhead.

Sopping Wet Still From Football And Some Stromboli


One of the bigger games of the week happened the previous night with KU narrowly losing out to South Florida in an exciting game.  Too bad I didn’t pop out to see it because I was holed in waiting for the tornado sirens to blare down for the evening.  So strolling into Maloney’s Saturday morning, I figured that the much of the severe weather was over.  After watching the games, however, the natural disasters were all over the place.  At least Maloney’s was a tiny comfort riding the day out.
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Pick It and Stick It: It Should Be Rivalry Week But It’s Some Other Dumb Name

So I’m sitting here listening to the what will probably be the best game of the week, KU and South Florida tied at 34 with under a minute and KU with the ball, and I’m wondering why college football deemed the USC vs Ohio State game the Collision at the Colosseum? Going over the barspotting post, it looks like it should be Rivalry Week. Iowa vs. Iowa State, Texas vs Arkansas, Notre Dame vs Michigan. Those are big time games. Granted UT and Ark got moved because of Ike and the Domers against the Wolves isn’t nearly what it was, but it seems like those handful of games should at least match the big time game Saturday night. I know one thing, I’m glad I’m not at The Other Place again because I don’t think the Iowa fans in the area can handle another loss to the ‘Clones. Here’s this week’s picks:
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