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Mascot Monday: Rocky the Rocket

Sometimes you need to be obvious about your mascot name.  Sometimes you just have to have some dude out there instead of the actual mascot.  In this week’s Mascot Monday’s case, sometimes you need both.  The Toledo Rockets fly straight out of the MAC and have been piloted by Rocky the Rocket the whole time.  We’ll fly into space this week and come back with a little video game nostalgia.  Those in the know will know where I”m going with this. Continue reading Mascot Monday: Rocky the Rocket

Crib Sheet: Licking Our Wounds

tiger licking

We made it through the first week of college football, but not without some bumps and bruises.  Injuries were all over the news in the last week, including the Purple Yeti’s back issue.  Fortunately he has a myriad of pills to numb any pain.  Oklahoma Sooners fans are probably still numbed from last Saturday’s upset loss.   So we will dedicate this week’s Crib Sheet to recovering from any mental and physical injuries.  5 out 7 doctors agree the Crib Sheet has soothing properties.  Kick back, relax, and enjoy: